Music Monday – Exams, “Again”

With exams around the corner (and for some, they’re already here), I wanted to have a song that would inspire or motivate you all to study! Therefore, today we have “Again” by Yui.

I love FMA. I love the story, the character, the soundtrack and of course, the openings and endings – of both anime series, but particularly FMA:B’s. As I watch them I can’t help but feel awed at the animation. This is just me, but FMA:B openings and endings (and the anime itself) have one of best animation I have seen.

Yui’s “Again”, the first opening of FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, is one such example (just look at Ed’s hair being flown around by the wind!), and it works great as an opening it showcases all the main characters plus a small fight scene seen is most of FMA openings and endings (if I recall correctly). And it’s Yui. You can’t go wrong with Yui.