Music Monday – When School Food isn’t a Punishment!

A favourite of the Monday Chibi screenings this semester, Eden of the East has had me scratching my head and reaching for my flowcharting application to try and figure out the complex plot! It also makes me regret moving to smartphones as a kid and missing out on flip phone fun, but that’s beside the point. One thing you don’t need to hurt your brain to get into though is the music from the series, and School Food Punishment have some epic stuff!

Ah creative people *goes back to coding*…

Chances are, even if you haven’t seen Eden of the East you may recognise parts of the video; I’ve seen no less than five different avatars made from it. Needless to say, the first time I saw this I was blown away! The amount of detail is stunning, and the moment where the paper hand wraps around the phone was simply brilliant.

As for the music, as butternut said in the YouTube video comments:

They need to switch? the opening with the ending.

While receiving 58 votes (do that while you still can by the way, now that Google insists on replacing it with those silly plus 1 buttons soon), I’d argue it belongs at the end. Not knowing any musical terminology outside the realm of jazz and big band (I have the musical tastes of an 80 year old), the best I could say is it’s composed in such a way to leave the viewer thinking about what they watched, as they also recall their wasted youth not learning how to do origami and paper art.

As a kid, I was often given computer software as presents given I was a nerd and people felt awkward around me. One of the first CD-ROMs I was ever given was a genuine copy of Microsoft Publisher 97 which came with several different printable guides for paper planes, birds and the like. I suspect I would have needed substantially more paper than what my parents would have allowed me to consume had Publisher come with an Eden of the East ED printout guide. I would have also have had to use a knife, which is strictly forbidden in origami anyway.

Wasn’t this supposed to be about music?

We now come to the awkward part in this otherwise brilliantly written post (hah, suuuure!) where your humble writer realises he hasn’t introduced any discussion on the music itself, nor the artists who sang and played it. I once bought a stack of manga so big, I stepped on some sand and sank into it. That didn’t happen, but it would be hilarious if it did. Like a bawss.

The ED of Eden of the East (unsurprisingly!) features the tune “Futuristic Imagination” by the Japanese rock group School Food Punishment. Their name reminds me of my high school where I ate some char siu rice with a bad piece of pork, and was home sick for a week. Hey, better than eating a meat pie! But I digress.

According to the book of knowledge, School Food Punishment is a group consisting of four members, with the lyrics composed by the lead singer Yumi Uchimura. Very pretty name. They’ve released seven singles and two studio albums, their most recent of which I’ve been listening to almost non stop for a few weeks now! Their music is upbeat and clearly pop, but with some very distinctive piano and light electronica. The composition is brilliant ^_^.

This is one of my favourite tracks from their most recent album Prog-Roid, despite not knowing any Japanese XD

Unfortunately, I’ve since learned the band has gone on indefinite hiatus, though I suppose there’s always the chance they could come back :).