Music Monday – Weirdness Revival

I… live… AGAIN!!! Finally I’m back in action and ready to bombarded you all with awesome anime music and completely unbiased(?) opinion – welcome to another Music Monday, please stay and enjoy my ramblings, all to the tune of Love Tropicana by Sister Mayo – yep, you can just tell this is going to get random…

Personally I wish I could have gotten the OP version, as that is truly something to behold – with Love Torpicana blasting, everything is shaking and dancing to the beat, be it people, palm trees, or flowers, all to the backdrop of colourful (almost painfully so) patterns and characters. But sadly the internets can be like that.

This is Hare+Guu… one of the odder things I will ever be talking about… and for the life of me I am finding it hard to give a nice and concise description that would not blow minds. I guess it might just be best to give Hare+Guu‘s full title and let that do the talking – Janguru wa Itsumo Hare nochi Gu, or in words that most people can understand ‘The jungle was always nice, then came Guu’… but I guess that still leaves much to the imagination… which might be a good thing for once.

To put it simply, the jungle is a weird and wonderful place… until some sort of human shaped cosmic oddity, named Guu (whom defies both logic and reason), appears literally from nowhere to cause problems for the people of the jungle and particularly the young boy Hare… just kicks and giggles. Hare+Guu is just a typical comedy anime.

As you might be able to tell by now, Guu is kinda an important character to this series, and so she (it) should be. Despite Hare being the main character, the series is defined by his interaction with Guu and what happens as a result of her actions/meddling. Typically I would say something like “all in all, there are some deep underlying themes present which give the series a complex element”… but that is not really the case here. Hare+Guu is purely about the absurd and strange events of weird characters, dictated and played out by Guu, for the amusement of Guu.

Hare+Guu is a nice little series that shows the results of injecting the unknown into ordinary to make things interesting, and while I think that is good and all, it could not always capture me. The manga is meant to have a stronger story while the anime series and OVAs have a stronger focus on comedy, but I think that is something more standard than I realise – thinking of you Gintama. But for the sake of a few laughs and being completely weirded out on occasion, Hare+Guu has earned it’s share of recognition.

…oh, and the music is nice too…