Holy Kalafina! Music Monday

Unlike MeePo101 who wrote our last Music Monday and who claims to be living, my living is but a grand illusion!!! Albeit a convincing and persistent one. Einstein’s words are not mine. He had some pretty crazy theories that were the mindf*cks of their time. Arguably the biggest mindf*ck for me of the last few years was Madoka Magica, which conveniently enough had some music we can discuss!

Yes, those who have watched the series would recognise this! When I first watched an episode and made it to the end, I very much liked what I heard. It took me a few seconds notice till I recognised some of the voices and the general style, before I realised it was none other than Kalafina!

Isn’t it rather fascinating that sometimes all it takes to recognise a group is the opening bars? Not that I really frequent bars, unless they’re coffee bars. You have to be careful when referring to coffee bars and coffee shops, in the Netherlands these terms refer specifically to establishments where one can smoke marijuana. It could work, you could smoke that stuff and come up with the plot for a magical girl anime where the energy of girls is harvested to break laws of physics. Duuuuuuuuuuuuude. The UTS anime club does not condone such activity.

What was I talking about again? Girls with energy, the Netherlands, Europe, Hetalia… no wait Kalifina! Kalifina and Hetalia rhyme. Whoa, my mind was just blown.

Aside from being composed of people only marginally older than myself (and therefore not only could date me, but would want to! Right? Right? #cries), Kalafina is a rather unique Japanese vocal group. Established after a talent contest in 2007 that I’m sure was far less cringe worthy than what passes as musical talent shows here in Australia, Kalafina have released three studio albums, dozens of singles and have had their music featured in Kara no Kyoukai, Madoka Magica and a slew of others.

In fact, since I brought that up, here’s Oblivious from Kara no Kyoukai:

I’ll admit, as far as J-Pop and K-Pop go, I’m not as rabid a fan as some others in the anime club are. I often feel as though my computer skills are holdovers from the 1980s, and my musical tastes are half a century out of date. Jazz Saves! Still, I’m a desperately huge fan of Kalafina, and am eagerly awaiting their next album. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind some of their cover art as posters!