Picture It – Lazy Valentines Edition

Is it me, or do these get shorter? A belated Valentines Day on my part, but I hope you all enjoyed the day none the less.

What is below not as fine as the specimens from yesterday, but none the less, each has their own art style that they prefer, and you’ll see much more uniquely styled art on this site in weeks to come, so bear with me and my addled mind and my limited thought process for now.

Here’s Nyanko-sensei celebrating yesterday with what he likes doing best:

But of course Valentines Day is not just about giving, receiving and eating chocolate, it’s about romance:

Oh um. Wait, I meant this:

Wait, that’s no better. Why can’t I find anything heterosexual?

And it’s about your friends (read ->) :

And you know, some love never grows old:

Hope you guys had a good day yesterday no matter who you send it with, or how you spent it!

(Hopefully what I’ve planned for next week will come to fruition.. eventually!)