Anime@UTS and O-Day

The holidays are drawing to an end and uni looms only a week away – but fear not! People speak of a place that can eliminate the boredom and fear that consumes you…

And they called it

We want YOU – in Anime@UTS

O-Day is the best place to see and join the much talked about anime club known as Anime@UTS. Come and see what the fuss is all about, ask us questions, and see us in our element – the stall. So bring friends, drag them for the sake of great justice, tell them about the free stuff we are offering, and how the club can change their lives… or at least give them something awesome to do.

Details, Details, Details

-Location: UTS Building 1, Level 4 (next to the escalators and beside EGG)
-Time: 9am start
-Free Stuff?: Yes, only if you join ;p

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