Music Monday – Being written well into 2012

The New Year has come… who else feels old? -throws up hand- Ok, I’m not that old, but I still have fond memories of anime that was epic when I was young. Feeling that it has been way too long since people have heard it, I give you Platinum by Maaya Sakamoto, the song used for the third op of Cardcaptor Sakura.

Like many people around my age, Cardcaptor Sakura was one of the first anime that introduced people to shoujo works, well, at least for the guys – I personally started with Sailor Moon. Anyway, for guys the divide strong, namely the shounen/shuojo divide, whereby you stuck you your side of fandom and stayed there. But back then, breaking the unwritten rules was fun (and still is), so whenever I could I would tune into whatever shows were on, be it shounen or shoujo.

Eventually I found Cardcaptors (woot English localization) and I was quite amazed at what I found. It combined thrilling and intelligent action scenes with a lighthearted school setting, all the while being a little dark and possessing homosexual undertones.

It was a great experience, and I think that is what converted some guys into crossing the shounen/shoujo line or at least dipping their toes. I would still get a bit frustrated over the years when people would steer well clear from anything mildly directed to girls or women due to the manly stereotype, but hey, you just can’t win them all over.

Clamp is a well respected group for a reason, their work is beautiful both in aesthetics and narrative. I found that I came to appreciate Platinum as a fitting representation of the series in a musical form. Sure, Catch You Catch Me (the first op) and Groovy (the first ed) are nice, cheery, and fit the series well, but nothing gets it just right as Platinum does… or at least for me -let fan raging commence.

So another year has arrive, take this song to heart and fly into the world with renewed hope and feeling – it’s all there in front of you~