Picture It – Weekly Wednesday Art Dose

Like all great things, ideas are copied from better places and people, so just like your weekly dosage of music, this will be your weekly dosage of art for whatever purpose (as long as you don’t steal it).

Art does not have to be intricate to be beautiful, sometimes an inordinate and insightful idea/theme is just as captivating, or even if art piece is just used for humourous effect. You can draw inspiration from other artists, but ultimately draw the way you want, and in the way which is comfortable for you.

This week to start off, we’ll be picking something from Pixiv. I can’t take you to the start of it all, since I’m lacking a bit of knowledge in that realm, but hopefully these pieces will be something you all are fairly familiar with and can appreciate the beauty of.


Princess Mononoke

masuo-sensei’s artworks all have a very unique touch to them, despite their apparent simplicity. There is a kind of complexity in the simplicity that is calculated, that you almost don’t notice there at first glance which is why the artworks are pleasant to the eye as you are not bombarded with detail, but it is certainly present. There are a mix of styles in the artwork of her account, most likely spanning years, but they demonstrate a flexibility and willingness to experiment. Of course, there’s some BL artworks mixed into sensei’s account probably not for the faint-hearted, but nothing that should make you feel overly uncomfortable. Nothing suss there. ;)

Disclaimer: The images featured in this post are owned by the artist. They have not been used for any commercial purpose and serve only to promote the work of the artist. Please check out her other works.