Music Monday – With a Jazzy Fragrance

This week I have prepared something a little sweet, plenty tangy, and all cool… I make no sense you say, well wait yet non-believer, you shall be converted. As I present to you Auvers Blue by Katteni-Shiyagare.

Consider yourself awesome-trified.

Now what we have here is something that for me, never quite fit. The op that you are being treated from Kemonozume, and to me, it is something that brings up way too many topics to talk about. But since we are on the topic of music… I guess I can make a point (no I must).

I for one would have initially never associated this style of music to something that utalises such a rough, sharp, and seemingly unrefined visual style. I’m not saying that an anime must stick to music that matches their visuals, but typically at a first glance one can imagine aspects of story and music from the opening… but not this one, not for me, I just could not such assumptions with this anime.

But really, who would guess that from the opening the story would revolve around forbidden love intertwined with man-eating ogre action, and from these visuals, that it would all be played to the tune of silky, yet burning jazz. By now you should be able to tell that I am experiencing a weird case of synesthesia trying to describe Auvers Blue, let alone Kemonozume as a whole. I guess you could call it a chaotic blend of styles and themes, but they do not detract from the experience, only make it stronger.

I must admit, that a few years ago I might have passed on a series, because it may not have fit my tastes from the get go. Back to present day, I am all the wiser (or at least I like to think), and have found more animated gems as a result. Try a little more, keep going for a few more episodes before you drop, make damn sure you listen to those ops and eds, and never forget – to be continued.