Music Monday to the FACE

Now, what do I have in store for you this lovely Monday -goes through the archives-… Ah, Under Star by Shocking Lemon, how perfectly unsuitable for this holiday period. Let the good times roll ~Dempsey Style~

Ahhh, nothing gets the blood flowing like a good old boxing anime… and boy do I mean old. Hajime no Ippo is an epic length series from the 90’s that spans some 900 chapters and 112 episodes to this present day. It is known as something of an underappreciated masterwork… but I would say that only the first third of the entire series has any value, the rest of it, overrated.

Hajime no Ippo had great potential with exciting encounters and fairly realistic boxing (within reason), but like most modern shonen series, it had a glass jaw – in that it never decided to end. Later parts of the story are plagued with an overabundance of lengthy superhuman battles and needless side characters. Sadly, story and character depth are left in the back seat, never to be seen or heard of again.

For me it has always been a standard convention to have a beginning, middle, and end complete with an ultimate objective and only a few distractions along the way. However, mainstream shonen manga (and the anime adaptations – complete with filler) have created the standard whereby they can continue almost indefinably until the series becomes unprofitable, which due to fan loyalty seems to be till the end of time.

This means the cycle of battle after battle, death after death, plot twist after stupid plot twist should repeat forever… while we die slowly of boredom. So we better get used to it, if you have not already.

Hajime no Ippo is now unreadable for me and many others, simply because it is just not worth reading/watching anymore. It has devolved into that of an industry standard work, losing its unique charm, and becoming nothing but a shell of what it used to be. While it collects digital dust in my virtual attic, I do like to look at it once in a while, at the better times… hoping and praying that it might end soon.