Music Monday – Ch-ch-ch-change it!

Merry past Christmas and happy future New Year, welcome to the final Music Monday for 2011. Hold your tears and put on a brave face, for it will return… but expect writing spawned by those with massive hangovers next week… moving right along… To tide you over till New Year’s here is something to warm up your spirits: Hateshinai Sekai by YMCK.

To put it simply, I have never watched the anime that has Hateshinai Sekai as it’s ending theme, but I dare speak its name – Slap-up Party: Arad Senki, an anime adaptation of the Dungeon Fighter Online MMORPG. For the most part, I think no more need be said on that. It seems I have developed a habit of finding and getting music, but not watching the anime where it comes from. In this case, I think it was more than justified however (-shudder shudder- Slap-up Party -shudder shudder-).

But I have to say, on reflection I know I have missed out on many great anime, and instead of actually watching it, I just listen to its op or ed, and tick it off my list of been there and done that. Oh for great shame. But I am starting to revisit some of these anime, and finally see how their osts match up to the actual anime itself.

We all have some type of backlog, and I must say that I am knocking things off my list pretty quickly – meaning that I might actually start watching post 90’s stuff real soon (gasp). Sad to say though there are still some things I will never, ever touch (looking at you Slap-up Party).

With seasonal anime flooding constantly coming, long running series that never end, and our ever growing backlog, I can see the reason why I originally stopped watching anime (that, and quality issues). But now more than ever I remember that I started watching in the first place because I enjoyed it, and I think that there will always be something good to watch (just not Slap-up Party). So tackle that backlog, start doing double watching shifts, and let no series (with exception) leave your sight unseen.

…Oh and listen to music too, yeah, that is important…

Have a great holiday period~