Music Monday digivolve to… MegaMusicMonday…Mon

Hi. Hello. Hey. Recently, I made a major archeological discovery, uncovering my old digivice… well that’s not true, I found my digimon digital pet, and no, I don’t mean those hip new ones. With a tear in my eye I found myself transported to the digital world… and by that I mean, jumped on my couch and proceeded to re-watch Digimon Adventure.

The widely beloved Butter-Fly is the Japanese opening to Digimon Adventure and is the brainchild of Koji Wada… but sadly I would not hear the above song till I would be 17 years old… no joke. My childhood was filled with things like Astro Boy, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and oddly enough Digimon. These were my cartoons, and I believed them to be cartoons… with weird lip-syncing. When I finally digivolved into the the person I am now (just a few years younger), I realised the deep dark secret unbeknown to me – that most of what I used to watch was something call Japanese anime -gasp-

Now left was right, up was down, it all made sense, but boy was I unbelievably not surprised. Knowing that the West did not posses such a unique style and themes I am a little ashamed that I never realised a little earlier. Soon I would be watching nearly everything I thought was ‘just a cartoon’ as the anime it should be – in Japanese… with subs. One thing led to another and I found Butter-Fly, and my fate was sealed, yet again, to fall in love with all things Digimon.

So every now and then, I do a little archeology and dig around my house, seeing what memories I can stir up and discoveries made. So what about you? Is something gathering dust in the back of your memory? Take a look… Who knows what you might find.