Music Monday

Hmm, it’s been a while since I have done one of these here. I have to admit this time around I had some difficulty in choosing a song. At first it was going to be Tegami Bachi’s first opening, Hajimari no Hi. Then I changed my mind to Tiger & Bunny’s second opening, Missing Link. Not feeling completely happy with my choice, I once again changed my mind, and decided on this.

Space Battleship Yamato, by Isao Sasaki! In my opinion one of the greatest and catchiest openings around. Not only that, but unlike the opening and ending themes these days, the lyrics actually relate to the story, which I find very appealing.

I decided to write about Space Battleship Yamato ever since hearing there was going to be a new series in 2012, which I’m getting excited about. I actually have never seen the original series – not even my older brothers were born when the anime aired – and I didn’t get interested until hearing about the 2010 live action film. But there is something about the opening, and about the story, that I can’t help but feel attracted to. Maybe I’m just crazy and I’m the only who feels like that, heh. Or maybe Space Battleship Yamato is just that great. :’)