Music Monday – Sample that music!

Looking back at my previous contributions to Music Monday, I come to realise that my choices barely reflect my own taste in music. Yeah, sure they are appropriate for what I might want to talk about, but I never really listen to what I show for this segment. Time to change that.

Delving into my music folder, which is somehow named ‘New V4 Final Music Copy’, I come across something that I actually listen to and instantly think “hellz yeaha”.

This is Sambomaster, and they are singing what can only be called ‘awesome’… or by another name – Sekai wa sore Ai to Yobunda ze. I found out about this song like any normal person would find a piece of music – played a game that uses the song, liked it, looked up the song list of said game, and then get that song at all costs. For the sake of this Music Monday, the game I was playing was Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 and the final song was none other than Sekai wa sore Ai to Yobunda ze.

Ok, so maybe that is not how everyone finds music, but a good proportion of the music I listen to has been found through the internet, playing games, or watching anime.

It can be easy to now understand that my aforementioned music folder is a mixture of the weird and the wonderful, but that’s ok, as personally, it is just perfect for me. By not sticking to just one band or genre I have opened myself up to a whole world of music that some people would never experience.

I feel that most of my music choice of course gain more personal meaning when I can associate them with some type of image, experience, or meaning. So it just happens that whenever I hear someone screaming “LOVE AND PEACE” I now think of two things: Vash the Stampede and Osu Tatakae Ouendan. For better or worse, I prefer it that way and it (or at least to me) makes the music that much more awesome.

Peace out