Music Monday

Hi everyone! For those of you who regularly attend the Monday and Friday screenings, you may know me as the awkward dark-blond haired guy furiously Twittering from an ancient MacBook Pro or ThinkPad fished out from a bright red Krumpler bag with various moeblob anime badges and a Singaporean flag. My name is Ruben, though online I’m Rubenerd (Ruben+Nerd, sounded clever when I was in primary school). Inexplicably, I’ve decided to call myself Ruby here, given that’s what you’ve all started calling me!

But enough of my life story. I am deeply flattered, honoured and all these other indescribable emotions to have been put in change of the long running Music Monday featured series, a veritable institution here at the Anime@UTS club. I have some pretty big shoes to fill, which will be most awkward as I only have average sized feet.

I feel somewhat reserved inaugurating this new series of Music Monday posts with this particular tune given it’s not Japanese (or Korean, or any part of East Asia at all!) but given my long running obsession with it, I feel as though I have little to no choice in the matter. I promise future tunes will be more relevant.

Thanks again everyone!