Music ‘Insert Day Here’ – New President Edition

After possibly the longest hiatus ever (think the days got into the double digits there), Music Monda… Wednes… the music is back, lets just keep it at that.

As we all know, there has been a changing of the guard Anime@UTS, and now a terrifying new power has been unleashed upon the club, me, as the new president of Anime@UTS. But in the commotion of it all, the music has since fallen silent. So while I’m here to kick ass and watch anime, I’m also here to scream and shout about music.

Coming to the club only a little while ago (yes, two years is short by standard), I had no idea what to expect… is what I would like to say, but in actuality my expectations were heavily influenced by Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture. I decided that any possible similarity would be a case of reality vs. fiction and just plain silly. Wrong I was. Ranging from being the weird new guy, to having wacky adventures, and eventually becoming president – I was following in the footsteps of Sasahara from Genshiken.

Oh right, forgot about the music… The lively My Pace Daioh by Manzo does great justice by opening Genshiken and making an already great series… greater. Manzo (not known to many) really does the job in setting the tone for the opening animation, as one second (ok, several) all is calm and kinda plain… then -bam- it all gets a bit frantic and weird – just the way we like it. As you follow the Genshiken group, you see the lives of people dedicated to all things drawn and animated (they love figurines, games, and cosplay too). As once might tell, Genshiken is a manga/anime about… manga/anime otaku (mind blown, I know), as they hang out, go to conventions, and visit Akihabara. But it really is just a bit better than that.

Genshiken is one of the few series I find to give an honest look (within reason) at the otaku life… with a bit of fun thrown in. But what sets it apart from comedy/slice of life hybrids was its characters. To me it was one of those series that when it ends, you feel like you have just waved goodbye to a close group of friends, feeling like you knew them better than some people that you actually know.

Just as these characters in Genshiken have an awesome time thanks to the people and experiences in their club, I hope to replicate this in -the real world- at Anime@UTS. A grand experiment indeed.

For those wondering where the heck Music… Whateverday went. It has returned… and you are not prepared ;p