Music Tuesday

The other day I was reading some of the news from the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) and it got me thinking, what is the best video game intro? And its quite hard, because there are quite alot of really good intros to video games. There was one that came to mind almost immediately though…

And if you think that Liberi Fatali is the best video game intro, then you’re wrong. You are just flat out wrong. I remember playing FF8, watching the intro and being “Woah that’s awesome!” And then I played the game. And it took 30 mins to get to a fight. And the fight involved sitting there using Draw to grab 100 Fire off of a Wasp. Wow. The intro says nothing about the game.

The Metal Gear series has really good intros as well, and it makes sense. Hideo Kojima, the guy in charge of Metal Gear, is a big fan of the Bond films. And Bond films really like their intros. So MGS2 has an orchestral rendition of the Metal Gear Solid theme. While the original song was made by TAPPY, Hideo Kojima’s introduction of Harry Gregson-Williams to make the music for the series perfected the song. In my mind, MGS2 would have been a much lesser game if that intro and that song wasn’t in it. While with MGS3, the whole Bond intro comes in with Snake Eater. Snake Eater just kind of captures everything that was good about MGS3, the mystery, the girls (or…well…girl) and even that quirky weirdness that’s pervades the MGS series (with the line “someday you’ll feed on the TREE FROG!”, which by the way is the best line in any video game intro).

But unfortunately, even the Metal Gear Solid series was a little late. The crown of the best video game intro goes to….

The Soul Calibur series is one of the biggest franchises in video game history, and if you follow its history, its steadily become worse after each game. Which means that the original Soul Calibur must be the greatest game in history. While Soul Calibur was a great game, it unfortunately found itself on the ill-fated Dreamcast and thus many people didn’t get the chance to play it. But Soul Calibur was actually a sequel to a PS1 game called Soul Blade (which itself was a console port of the arcade game Soul Edge). And honestly, that was one of the greatest games ever. For the few that managed to play it, they’ll instantly recognise the intro and they’ll agree with me: It is THE BEST video game intro.

The Edge of Soul is such a good intro because it does everything right. It introduces every character in an epic way, it hints at a depth to the story of the characters (which was there in incredible detail in the Edge Master Mode, much more than what you got in other fighting games), and it makes you just want to play the game and fight stuff. Also, what other video game intro has pirates, ninjas, samurai, knights, swords, nunchucks, cannons, guys acting mysterious, half-naked girls bathing, blind guys in bondage, gods, demons, undead, family, love, adventure, war, epic battles, magic, people getting cut down by swords, bar fights, a cool narrator opening and the most awesome song ever.

Yeah, its the best.