Music Monday

Puzzle is the opening to Welcome to the NHK!, which is one of my favourite anime series. It was also the first anime I ever watched in the anime club.

It was part of the Monday screenings (we had 4 x 1 hour screenings back then), and was shown alongside Ouran High Host Club. The screenings were at that little room in Building 1, lvl 5 that no one really notices is there until they’ve had to go there.

Puzzle is a song by Round Table feat. Nino, and if it sounds at all familiar then you’ve probably heard a bunch of their other songs. They also did the openings to .hack//legend of the twilight and the ever popular Chobits.

Round Table feat. Nino is one of those bands that has the whole cute anime opening thing down. Just comparing the two OPs here, even the visual style is somewhat the same. The whole cute OP thing has a very different feel to it than the more exciting ones I’ve had on the last two Music Mondays. Its not meant to get you pumped up for the anime, but it still needs to get you into the mood of the anime. That requires a bit more finesse than a rock song or some super high-pitched intro you see on a lot of moe anime.