Music Monday

Thought I’d carry on the shounen theme for another week. Shounen anime, in my opinion, is the token genre of the whole medium. Its through shounen anime that the majority of anime fans become anime fans. Everyone has “their” series, like a Dragonball Z or a Naruto or a One Piece or a Bleach, that one series that they were hopelessly devoted to. For me though, I have many of those series. I’m almost a connoisseur of shounen anime/manga. I know a stupid amount of info about Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto, Bleach and a bunch of others that are slightly more obscure, like Eyeshield 21.

So anyway, this week’s Music Monday comes from Bleach. Or more specifically, the BEST Bleach opening, hands down.

Full version here.

Rolling Star by YUI is the fifth opening to Bleach and spanned episodes 98 – 120. Unfortunately, most of that is the Bount arc, and the less said about that the better. So instead of talking about what’s going on in the anime, we’ll talk about something else. The Bleach anime has this weird tendency to be creative for no reason at all. If you look, each episode number has a different image that seems unrelated to anything going on in the anime. The cut between commercials also doesn’t really say much about the anime. And that’s kind of carried through to their OPs.

I’ve always been a fan of OP’s that reflect what’s going on in the anime (much like Haruka Kanata last week). But with Bleach, their OPs tend to show the characters in different social situations wearing different clothes doing normal things like posing in cool position (I imagine their non-shinigami life is filled with lots and lots of posing). And I mean, that’s cool and all, but it doesn’t get me excited about the episode I’m about to watch and it leaves it almost entirely up to the music.

Luckily, Rolling Star is an awesome song. As our old Screening Director would attest to, YUI is

And that is why Naruto OPs > Bleach OPs :p