Music Monday

Having almost never listened to heavy metal, when someone told me about these metal covers of famous Studio Ghibli soundtrack pieces I was intrigued to find out what they sounded like.

I’ve watched Laputa: Castle in the Sky countless times since I was a little boy, and since then, I’ve always loved Joe Hisaishi’s theme song, Kimi wo Nosete . So upon hearing such a beloved piece of anime music to be so changed into such a radically different style, I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or hated it.

Here’s the original. More to come after the jump.

And here’s the heavy metal cover. Apparently it’s by some colloborative group project titled ‘Imaginary Flying Machines’ that includes a whole heap of metal bands from Europe and Japan, such as .Disarmonia Mundi, Blood Stain Child, Destrage, Living Corpse and Neroargento (kudos to you if you happen to know any of them). They’ve recently released an album titled Princess Ghibli, with 12 songs that are essentially heavy/death/thrash metal renditions of Studio Ghibli’s music.

To be honest, I was completely mortified – I couldn’t believe my ears. Such musical transgression! Such horrible mutilation of a childhood classic!
However, at 0:20, I couldn’t help but start to rock out. By 0:40, I was thoroughly (guiltily) enjoying myself, although I did choke a little when they started to add some death metal gurgling around 1:36.

After some quick digging around on youtube, and unsurprisingly, this concept isn’t entirely new. For example, take Animetal’s cover of the same song, complete with KISS inspired costumes and high kicks. (Animetal is a Japanese heavy metal band who have seemingly taken it upon themselves to cover most popular anime and tokusatsu OPs and EDs in a heavy metal style.)

And this is all in stark comparison to what usually comes to mind (for me) when I think of Laputa, Kimi wo Nosete and Studio Ghibli in general (as shown below). However, I have to admit that whilst I’m usually not a fan of shredding or speed riffs, these covers have really opened my eyes and ears to how metal can make a good song turn into awesome.

Here’s info about the Princess Ghibli album:
Wikipedia’s entry on Laputa: