Music Monday – Anime Jazz

This post is partly inspired by Randall’s inquiries into my stance on jazz. It is most likely my favourite genre, and so I felt that I’d like to share a few examples collected from various facets of otaku culture.

The first is a reimagining of an old favourite. It comes from EAGER LOVE REVENGE, an album consisting of remixes of ryo’s Love is War by several artists. If you enjoyed the original, I would suggest giving the album a listen.

The following song is from the soundtrack of Bartender, a manga series that was also adapted into an anime which I enjoyed watching many years ago. The story revolves around a talented bartender that solves people’s problems using alcohol. The rest of the album features songs similar to this, piano-orientated and calm.

I am still puzzled by the popularity of Touhou, and how many circles still continuously release countless fanworks of the series. Regardless, I have been listening to a lot of Touhou jazz arranges lately. I had difficulty picking just one song and as such I believe there are many quality works out there, and am positive that with the myriad of artists producing arranges representing all sorts of genres, there should be something for all tastes.