Orientation Day Recap

So the morning dawned bright and early on Wednesday 23rd of February, 2011. When I entered UTS’ Tower Building, the stalls were still empty, the level quiet with the only the slight clattering sounds of people setting up. We were well underway at the [email protected] stall of course, being the well prepared individuals that we are, and had prepared, lo and behold, the day before. Running into an unprecedented power issue that remained unresolved, we were soon happily leeching power off the JASS store just to our right hand side.

Cosplayers were in position and the screening room upstairs set up, Summer Wars the first to play on the projector screen as the Clubs Day slowly came to life.

Dressed to impress

Slow to begin, it was a relaxed start as we easily crawled our way through members 1  to about 40, rejoining old members and welcoming the few new faces, chasing after the ones who forget to collect their membership packs or membership cards, and almost forgetting the Toy Box and the giveaway of Pikachu in turn. Describing our activities to potential new members, slowly we got into the flow of our promotional work and the stream of people began to pick up, appearing from and disappearing back into the large crowd milling up and down and around the EGG area.

All your monies are ours~

Despite predictions of the number of members that would join up, by the end of the day we had a staggering 136 members, and a number of potential members who had expressed their interest.

Adjourning to the screenings room for a time, where a few new members played mahjong and the rest of [email protected] regrouped and simply hung out together, members engaged in chatting or watching the screening until it was time to pack up and head out to dinner.

The results of our hours of preparation.

Heading into the quiet and now cleared building early again (or what seems to pass for early) on Saturday morning, I came upon a table heaped with bags and food to the left hand side of the concourse. Too pessimistic to think this perhaps was a product of good fortune, I assumed this was where we, [email protected], were setting up for our Picnic @ the Concourse.

We are a panda-philic club, a legacy of our past president

Our first new member arrived almost on the dot, apparently after setting off the fire alarm which I had not noticed at all in while the middle of our furniture moving exercise. Our Art Director come Public Relations Director arranged the tables and seats in a most complimentary way: oblong couches around the edges with an area of square couches in the middle and mahjong (or other activities) tables set up against the wall on the far left.

As new members began to trickle in, we had our first games of mahjong and Jenga. Or should I say, Super Jenga, which incorporated both the packets of (real) Jenga. Our Co-Events Director, Alex, or White Man #3, was more than happy to demonstrate the madness that was ‘remove three Jenga blocks at the same time’ and provide others the opportunity to achieve such a feat. Steadily, the tower grew taller, looking more like the UTS Tower by the minute, albeit more ‘holey’ than I would like.

It's the Tower Building!

The 'South' tile is not the same as the 'Five "kanji"' tile

Over on the mahjong tables, the experienced players were teaching the new players, small disputes over different versions of the rules appearing briefly then settling down again. Ah, [email protected] rules. Bubby, the Photographer and our Mahjong Expert (with capitals), was called upon to resolve the issue, and on they ploughed.

This could be a winning hand. With luck.

Eventually enough members had arrived and we formed an unusually shaped circle where it was time to ‘break the ice’. After a series of bad jokes, Kon passing and introductions, we trooped back over to set out new games, crack open the food and bring an official start to the day. New mahjong games were launched and a game of Pictionary started. Teams formed and the hilarity began, chasing each other to the finish line as they whipped up masterpieces of artwork.

Who's that Pokemo-- I mean, what's that card?

Because Bubby's a masterful artiste.

A new game of UNO Jenga was barely devised when we broke up for lunch, groups splitting up to go to different places, whatever was our preference. On our return, the game of UNO Jenga began and spread like wildfire … or not quite, but it certainly picked up new players as the day continued on, filled with foul tasting jelly beans, gloomy bears and the joy of discovery.

Human signage. Priceless.

As the attendees slowly left and club veterans began to crumble from old age tiredness, it was clear the day was starting to wind down. It was obvious, as we inspected the food laden table, that we had way more food than we could eat, so after sorting it, distributing it to any takers and munching our way through the last of the open packets, we began to clean up and set the Concourse back in order. Off to dinner with those interested – again a visit to our familiar haunt: Daruma (where we encountered SuAnime), a nice trip to Cold Rock or McDonalds for ice cream and then Capitol where we happily squandered our money in the pursuit of soft toys. Who doesn’t love ’em?

96, your Pikachu is in our custody.

Thank you all for an enjoyable O-week. Hope you enjoy the activities still to come!

(And for anyone interested, the Pikachu has been claimed. :P Thank you, everyone, for participating!)