Despite it only being second week of exams, some (lucky) people had already finished their exams and some (even luckier) people never even had exams. So while some of us were still slaving in front of computer screens or over textbooks, a bunch of people in the club decided to go out for lunch.

One criticism that’s voiced quite often within the club is that we always go to the same places to eat. “Daruma again?” “Why are we going back to Sussex?” “Can we go somewhere other than Saap Thai?” So in an effort to fix things, we’re going to strive to go to new and different places to fill our stomachs.


The first place was a little Malaysian restaurant called Kopitiam. Its actually pretty close to uni, a few blocks down Harris St near the Powerhouse Museum. The restaurant itself is very small and has that small asian restaurant feel to it.

But don’t let the decore fool you, the food was actually quite good. We ordered a bunch of things such as Char Kway Teow, Roti with Curry, Nasi Goreng and various other Malaysian food.

It ended up being quite a lot to eat and we struggled a little toward the end to finish. Splitting the cost of the bill across all of us, we ended up paying only around $10. You could easily get yourself a full stomach for around the same price if you’re ordering on your own.

While Malaysian isn’t really Japanese or related to anime in anyway, I think we’ll probably be heading back there every one in awhile.