Home Thai

After one of our staple karaoke events, we decided to continue to expand our places of food consumption to include a restaurant on Sussex St called Home Thai. One of our members had walked past the restaurant many times before, and every time there was a queue of people outside. Using our powers of deduction, we thought that that could mean that this restaurant was pretty good.

As the name implies, Home Thai is a Thai restaurant. The restaurant is actually much bigger than it looks from the outside, having a second floor area with plenty of tables. They offered many of the standard Thai dishes, like Pad Thai, Pad C Yew and the various curries, but they also had a few things that we hadn’t seen in many Thai places like Thai Sausages.

While we arrived fairly early, the food came surprisingly fast. Which isn’t really a surprise as the staff seemed very orderly and chic, but that might just be because they used iPads to take orders. Technology these days… It also seems that these iPads inspired people to pull out their iPhones, which resulted in shenanigans.

While some of us couldn’t quite finish our meals, we left thoroughly satisfied and quite full.

We didn’t sample any of their desserts, but they looked pretty interesting, especially the deep fried bananas (except for the fact I don’t really like bananas). Meals will generally cost you around $10 – $20, depending on whether you want a drink and rice.

If it weren’t for it being a tad far from uni and there almost always being a line to get into the restaurant, we would make it a regular haunt. We’ll still return every once in awhile when we want a bit of good thai food.

Geez…using Thai that many times has really left me thai-erd.