Club Person of the Year

Every year, each UTS Union club nominates a person amongst us who has shown dedication beyond the mean, stepped up the pillar of achievement, attained a new levels of awesome, ushered an era of new feats, swan dived into a pool of greatness and whatever else. One person will become Club Person of the Year and he or she will gain the people’s ovation and fame forever (and also a nice little certificate to go along with it). So…

Congratulations to Izzy for being our Club Person of the Year!

Along with the voting, every year there’s also an Awards Night where these club people of the year are awarded their awards (hence why its an award night). The night is a chance for a few execs of each club to dress up, chow down and drink alot.

After getting our drinks, we parked ourselves near some couches which coincidentally and conveniently was located near the hallway the waiters come out of with food. While the invitation said there would only be canapes available during the night, there was ample amounts of food: Sausages, oysters, prawns, sausage rolls, tuna things on spoons and salad/noodle boxes. But the best part was probably dessert: Mini-Ice Cream cones and Churros! We eventually got overwhelmed with desserts and had to dual-wield ice creams, which we had no problem with.

But while only one person can win Club Person of the Year, its also meant to recognise the combined efforts of all the execs and members of the club. So thank you all for helping to make this club what it is today!