Music Monday

Trying to pick an anime to do Music Monday for is such a chore. So I picked the one anime I am currently rewatching over and over again. It is a popular parody anime, (very) loosely based on a game, which has spawned 5 seasons of hilarity. So, instead of explaining the game, which is basically a dating sim, I will be focusing on the anime instead.

Galaxy Angel is about an all female group tasked by the government to search for things called “Lost Technologies” which are scattered all over space. The Angel Brigade are thrown into all sorts of hilarious situations by these seemingly mundane looking objects which have amazing powers (e.g. a stick that turns all proverbs said in the vicinity into reality, sweet chestnuts that turn people into giants, rice cooker that turns objects it absorbs into rice and enables the one who eats the rice to gain abilities of said absorbed object, …). The girls are sometimes found in these situations when asked to do missions not related to “Lost Technologies”, or when just enjoying themselves having a day off. They seem to be able to attract trouble wherever they are and whatever they do.

The anime has no sense of continuity as characters can be killed, mutated or abandoned in one episode and return the next episode like nothing ever happened. It also parodies aspects of Japanese culture, movies, and of course, other anime. Although mostly humorous, the anime also at times have serious episodes with no parodies. It is truly an anime that remains among my top 10 even after 9 years since it was first aired. An anime that’s so random with jokes and gags that will leave you laughing at times and watching with a straight face at times.