6 Things About SMASH!

1. More than 2500 people like anime and want to go to a convention it seems. Unfortunately, Town Hall doesn’t let you have more than that, so lots of people ended up getting turned away at the door. Pretty bad oversight and there were alot of angry and disappointed people who couldn’t get in. Inside the convention there were still problems, particularly during the cosplay comp, where the main hall ended up reaching  capacity and you couldn’t enter unless you were either a) In cosplay or b) a Vendor. Not really a problem for us, but people were getting very annoyed.

With that said, Town Hall was much more welcoming than it has been in the past. Air conditioning was a god-send for the whole venue which is a change from the one huge fan that was used in the olden day. Despite that though, I’m kind of glad we’re moving away from Town Hall and going onto somewhere else.

2. 15 years on, Evangelion is still popular. Who would’ve thought? SMASH’s international guests were pretty awesome this year and probably the highlight of the convention. Everyone seemed to love Yuko Miyamura, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Tiffany Grant and Matt Greenfield. I watched Evangelion in dub as a child, and for me, that’s the best way to watch it. It’ll be interesting to see if SMASH can better their guest list next year.

3. Wtf is up with the Free <insert action here> stuff? Geez. I thought that went out years ago.

4. The Maid Cafe was weird. Sausage rolls and pies? Not exactly the stuff I’d expect from a Maid Cafe. And there was also a lack of food/drinks vendors with massive lines. That was largely due to Town Hall’s restrictions, which is probably even better reason to leave that place behind.

5. If you weren’t interested in the cosplay or you weren’t an artist, you could get bored real quick. You could do your shopping and see everything you needed to see within an hour or two. There wasn’t anything I’d consider new to SMASH this year, and if you’ve been to as many conventions as we have, that’s a bad thing. Even pictochat sucked.

6. But hey, at least the club stall looked nice.