Music Monday

To celebrate the conclusion of Full Metal Alchemist, today’s Music Monday is the final opening song from the series.

Brotherhood is the second anime release based on the manga, Full Metal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa and produced by the studio Bones. The original plot mesmerized many in the anime and manga community and grew in fan-base over many years since its publish and release. However, the original Full Metal Alchemist anime deviated from the manga’s storyline and left many of the loyal fans unsatisfied. As Hiromu Arakawa announced that the FMA manga was to be finished Brotherhood was released to follow the manga loyally right until the final chapter.

Out of the 64 episodes produced and aired, I found this opening song a great scene setter. The tone of the song builds to such great emotion and escalates the eagerness viewers already had from cliffhanging episodes beforehand.