Music Monday

Stealing this idea off of another blog, every Monday we’ll be posting up a music clip that caught our attention in the past week.

To start this off I thought I’d take it back to, for what many of us, was the start. Neon Genesis Evangelion was for many anime fans the first series that they latched onto. Either from late night SBS showings or terrible quality VHS recordings, Evangelion had a lot of people clambering for more and the same. The anime had a depth that people could explore, themes that everyone could relate to (even if it was just teen angst) and a level of maturity that people hadn’t seen before in “cartoon” form.

Even despite the endings of the series (note the plural) dicking us around, it has maintained a level of following that really hasn’t been seen since. And with the remake movies coming out, there seems to be a lot of renewed interest in the series. And that’s why its this week’s pick for Music Monday.

They just don’t make anime like they used to.