Weekly Weeaboo

A little late this week, sorry. Too many assignments to do. -_-

Bleach #402

Wtf is he going on about?

I’ve always liked Bleach’s incantations. Its like Naruto’s handseals for jutsu or the long start up for Dragonball. Sure the incantations don’t make sense, but you know the longer and more detailed the incantation, the better it is. They even assign a number as to how good the kidou is.

Anyway, this chapter had a nice playoff of power between Urahara and Aizen, though the dialogue was a miss for me. The whole “I’m in control” “No, I’m in control” style of dialogue, particularly with Aizen’s “I’m a god” way of talking doesn’t sit right. Maybe it works better in Japanese. Who knows. But its nice to see Urahara still use his tricks when he’s fighting serious.

Naruto #493

Real deep. Speaks to my soul.

How much soul-searching, character developing, jutsu/power training can Naruto go through? Like really? Hopefully it doesn’t end like the Team Gai fight in Shippuuden “To beat our clones, we just have to get stronger!”

It also seems like everyone in Naruto has a sad, tragic story in their past. All the tragic stories end up meaning nothing if there’s too many of them. Get to something important or progress the storyline please.