Carl Macek (1951 – 2010)

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I remember watching Robotech as a kid. My brother and I were huge fans of the show. I even had a bunch of the toys, which I considered just as valuable as all my Aerial-bots (which could form Superion). Robotech was probably the first anime that I ever watched and followed.

Carl Macek, for his work on series such as Robotech, Akira, Vampire Hunter D, My Neighbour Totoro (at least the original) and even Bleach and Naruto, has introduced anime to a countless number of people, converting many of them to anime fans, and has helped pave the way for the acceptance that anime now has in protoculture western culture.

There are quite a few anime fans out there who are hostile toward anything to do with dubs or “americanising” anime. I think that this view is largely unreasonable, after all, most of us grew up watching those english dubs. And making anime more accessible and encouraging more people to watch anime is never a bad thing.