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Picture It – Or rather, Paint It.

February 1, 2012, by , posted in Art

Sometimes when we look at a picture, we don’t stop to look at the entirety of it. We may appreciate the effect it has, find it attractive, and so on, but we don’t step too close to look at the fine details of it.

Just a simple artist introduction today – nothing too profound. The artist is ume, someone I found on my brief trips through Tumblr. Her work was immediately arresting, and so I followed the source link to her pixiv page to check out her other works. I really like the use of colours, and the paint-brush like strokes which make up the painting. The overall effect of colour and composition is amazing. In itself, I suppose you could also call this appreciation of landscape art – similar but not quite like the cityscapes.

If you look closely at it, the artwork just seems like a mess of brush strokes, but take a couple of steps back, and what a different effect it creates. It looks messy underneath, but turns out as something worthy of admiration.

If you have a pixiv account, feel free to check out her page, but otherwise, click the images below to enlarge.

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Picture It – Weekly Wednesday Art Dose

December 21, 2011, by , posted in Art, Features

Like all great things, ideas are copied from better places and people, so just like your weekly dosage of music, this will be your weekly dosage of art for whatever purpose (as long as you don’t steal it).

Art does not have to be intricate to be beautiful, sometimes an inordinate and insightful idea/theme is just as captivating, or even if art piece is just used for humourous effect. You can draw inspiration from other artists, but ultimately draw the way you want, and in the way which is comfortable for you.

This week to start off, we’ll be picking something from Pixiv. I can’t take you to the start of it all, since I’m lacking a bit of knowledge in that realm, but hopefully these pieces will be something you all are fairly familiar with and can appreciate the beauty of.
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