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[Anime@UTS] Monthly Newsletter – April Edition

April 13, 2016, by , posted in Events, News

Monthly Newsletter title

Hello fellow anime fans! Hope you have all been enjoying the first few weeks of uni. As for me, I can already start to feel myself slowly dying, haha..ha..haha…
Anyway as you may or may not know, our weekly events have begun! This means that if you ever have some spare time between your studies you can come along and chill with us for some good old anime, drawing or playing games!


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To start with some sad news, Kouji Wada, the singer of the original Digimon theme song Butterfly passed away due to cancer on April 3rd. As a long-time Digimon fan, you will be dearly missed.

Are you a Shirobako fan? If so, here’s something you might wanna hear: during a panel at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival (TAAF) last month, the producers at P.A. Works got together and discussed thepossibility of a sequel. Infinite producer Takayuki Nagatani stated “We wanted people who watched Shirobako to get a lot out of the show. If we could decide on a theme, there might be a chance [for a sequel].”

[anime@UTS] SGM
WHEN: Wednesday, April 13 at 3PM
WHERE: UTS Theatre Lounge
WHAT: Want to join our exec team? Check the email we sent about the SGM for more details!

Monday Screenings
WHEN: 3-6pm
WHERE: Theatre Lounge (Building 1 Lvl 3)

Wednesday Art Class
WHEN: 3-6pm
WHERE: CB2.5.23

Thursday Screenings
WHEN: 5-7:30pm
WHERE: CB2.5.32

Friday Fun & Games
WHEN: 2-6pm
WHERE: CB2.4.23

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Monthly Newsletter – January Edition

January 20, 2016, by , posted in Events, News

Monthly Newsletter title

Happy New Year everyone! Hope y’all been having a great start with the new year and not boring yourselves out too much from these uni breaks. Don’t fear though! Rumour has it that this year will be filled with some great anime and games that are sure to help us get through our lives :D

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Fellow anime-followers, let me introduce to you our new fan art section! Feel free to submit your lovely anime-related drawings to get it displayed on our newsletter (tentacles are not a prerequisite, but are preferred)!
This week’s drawing is done by none other than I, of our glorious and supreme president, Lester!


2016 is Pokemon‘s 20th Anniversary, and they have already announced a bunch of new stuff regarding games (both console and TCG), movies and sweet merch!There are also some fantastic titles which are airing this season, including Itachi Shindenand Fairy Tail Zero! I have some really high hopes for this year’s anime.

[anime@UTS] Ghibli Movie Day!!
WHEN: Sunday, January 24 at 11 AM – 5 PM
WHERE: UTS Concourse
WHAT: Holidays are long and i’m sure a lot of us just sit at home watching anime all day, so why don’t we have fun and watch anime together?!
COST: FREE :D But feel free to bring pillows and snacks to share!

Sorry, no weekly events until next year D:
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Monthly Newsletter – December 2015 Edition

December 9, 2015, by , posted in Events, News

At long last this year seems to be coming to an end. Congrats for surviving all those exams and results, now time to binge on some unwatched anime from this season! Speaking of which, who’s been watching One Punch Man!? All those awesome action scenes and clever humour definitely makes it among my favourite animes from this year. Anyway, a huge thank you to all you members and execs who helped in making this such a great year for Anime@UTS! And don’t worry, we are still far from running out of superb ideas lined up to satisfy all your anime-related desires until uni season begins again :D

This year was filled with so many fantastic events, all thanks to all of you who came and participated in them, whether it was at a couple of our weekly screenings or the AnimeSydney camp! The Christmas Party this year also turned out to be one of our best events from this year, again all thanks to those who came along!

Don’t fear though! We still have one more epic event this year so that you don’t have to curl up in the corner of your basement watching Boku no Pico until New Year’s! (That’s what you do, right?)

[anime@UTS] Sake Factory Tour!!
WHEN: Tuesday, December 15 at 9AM – 4PM
WHERE: Go-Shu Australian Sake (29 Cassola Place, Penrith, New South Wales 2750)
WHAT: It’s time for us to see how our beloved sake is made! We will be going on a brewery tour at Go Shu Australian Sake in Penrith!
COST: $3

Sorry, no weekly events until next year D:

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Monthly Newsletter- October 2015 Edition

October 15, 2015, by , posted in Events, News

Monthly Newsletter title

Hi everyone, I am your new exec in charge of writing newsletters and other stuff, yoroshiku~! You’ll probably be seeing me a lot on our Facebook and Twitter pages if you haven’t already. Here’s to hoping for an awesome rest-of-the-year with our new team of execs, and our glorious new supreme leader, Lester!

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With AGM being over, we officially have our new team of execs that are in charge of running anime@UTS, including events and social media! Take a look at our Facebook or official website post for more details on our  wonderful new team!


Boruto Screening at the Ritz

WHEN: Friday 16th October 6:30pm 
Ritz Cinema Randwick
Naruto is back! And now he has kids! Everyone has kids! Let’s go watch their movie!
COST: Concession: $13.50 , Adult: $15

[anime@UTS X JASS] Night Noodle Markets!

WHEN: Friday 23rd October 4:30pm 
Meet at Fun & Games in CB02.05.32
COST: FREE buuuuut you must buy your own food!

[anime@UTS x JASS] Halloween Night! (๑✧◡✧๑) 

WHEN: Saturday 31st October 5:30-11:00pm  
WHAT: We invite you to come and join us for a grand night of unrelenting fun, unforgiving fear and all of that sweet-ass candy.
COST: $5 for everyone!

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Monthly Newsletter – July 2015 Edition!

June 27, 2015, by , posted in Events, News

Monthly Newsletter title

Congrats to everyone that has conquered final exams! You all deserve a gigantic pat on the back ⊙ω⊙
The holidays are finally upon us so roam free my pretties and get ready for more fun-filled events from us, including our long awaited AnimeSydney Camp!! ٩(˙˙)۶

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Anime@UTS Art Competition
WHEN: Deadline – Wednesday 1st July 
 Submit your fan art of your favourite anime/manga or crossovers and get the chance to win some awesome Kinokuniya vouchers! Refer to the event for more specific details of the guidelines~

[AnimeSydney] Ice-Skating Round 2!
WHEN: Thursday 2nd July
WHERE: Macquarie Ice Rink (meet at Central Station at 1:40pm)
WHAT: What better way is there to break the ice before camp comes around than one last meet up? Pack your thickest, cosiest socks and come chill out with us and have an ice time – AnimeSydney is heading to the rink!
COST: $17 if you fill out this pre-order form ( OR $23 for students, $24 for adults Continue reading