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Music Monday – One Piece

December 14, 2015, by , posted in Music

One Piece is long. So long that it has had a total of 18 opening songs. Today i bring you my personal favorite; One Day by The ROOTLESS. It’s the 13th opening and in my opinion, the best.

The opening is a wonderful tribute to the Marineford arc and shows Luffy looking for then running towards his brother, Ace. It also features alot of characters that take part in the war. So really, it shows all the awesome characters in the anime we love, as well as the ones we hate.

To list (only a few) the characters included; Luffy, Ace, the Mugiwaras, Whitebeard, Marco, Rayleigh, Shanks, Crocodile, Mr.3, Buggy, Ivankov, the Worst Generation, Blackbeard pirates, Garp, Coby, the Admirals, Kuma, Doflamingo, Moriah, Smoker. SERIOUSLY ALOT.

One Piece openings tend to be pretty fun and crazy but this one is more of a serious song, reflecting the Marineford Arc of the anime (R.I.P Ace /cry) The awesome guitar, strong n’ steady beat combined with a rockin’ voice make this song an epic choice for blasting on your stereo and makes it one of my favorite openings of all time.

– Maddy

Music Monday – Fukai Mori

December 7, 2015, by , posted in Music

Fukai mori is the 2nd ending theme for InuYasha. For me personally, that opening acoustic guitar just hits me with nostalgia as this is one the first series I committed myself to watching.

Written by Do as Infinity in 2001, the song is their best selling single to this day. This was not the end of their contribution to the series and furthermore the anime world having written Shinjitsu no Uta and Rakuen followed by Kimi Ga Inai Mirai for the final act. Some of you may recognize a more recent single of theirs Mysterious Magic which is an opening for Fairytail.

Moving on….
People have said that the ending and opening themes of InuYasha are among the best parts of the series and just listening to this, in my opinion is enough evidence for that.

– Del

Music Monday – Ishida Yamato from Digimon Adventure

November 30, 2015, by , posted in Music

Now, most of us probably know that the first Digimon Tri movie, Saikai was released recently. And most of us probably know that Digimon music has a long-standing reputation of being brilliant. So, to celebrate, I want to highlight one particular gem that was lost to the annals of Digi-history and take a brief look at what may be awaiting us in the not-to-distant Digi-future. Here we go!

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Music Monday – Kuchizuke

November 16, 2015, by , posted in Music

For those who prefer something more niche and on the strange side, this week I’m presenting Kuchizuke by Buck-Tick.The band predominantly produces visual kei and rock music but they are pretty versatile and cover a wide range of genres. Their visual kei style though, is reflected in this particular piece that is also used as the opening of supernatural horror anime Shiki. I’ve really enjoyed this song from rhythm games like StepMania, so I hope you do too!

– Denise

Music Monday – White Album

November 9, 2015, by , posted in Music

Those of you who like visual novels may have heard of White Album. Those of you who like music anime may have heard of it also. Featuring idols as heavily as it does, it of course has some pretty top-notch music. But some of my personal favourites managed to miss out on the fame, so here we are. First up, the opening of the first season of the anime: Shin Ai by Mizuki Nana.

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