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Music Monday

July 5, 2010, by , posted in Music

For the subject of today’s Music Monday, I thought I’d take a look at Hatsune Miku, a synthesised vocaloid software developed by Yamaha in 2004 designed to create inexpensive vocals for music. Whilst she was originally intended to be a mascot character for the software, once exposed to the vibrant, chaotic energies of the internet, she has since taken on a life on her own through fan-created art and music.

Since I myself have only just begun to delve into the vast amount of Hatsune Miku content available on the internet, so far I’ve been really enjoying two particular songs featuring her :

Both of these are by Ryo, the leader of the music group Supercell, whom you may already be acquainted with, as they did the Bakemonogatari ED ‘Kimi ga Shiranai Monogatari’ – which was actually their first work which didn’t feature Hatsune Miku as the vocals.At first, listening to her voice was an interesting experience and admittedly a little unnerving. However, after being more exposed to it, I’ve really come to enjoy her music – or more accurately, the hard work of the talented musicians behind her voice.

If you’re interested in learning more about her, go here.

Music Monday

June 21, 2010, by , posted in Music

Today’s Music Monday is a two-for-one!

Initial D is one of the best shounen manga/anime that has ever been created, and I strongly suggest that everyone go watch it. Even if you don’t understand cars, its still enjoyable. It has all the elements of a good shounen anime: interesting characters, epic battles and a predictable storyline. Not watching Initial D is depriving yourself of one of the best series out there.

One of the reasons the series was memorable is because of its soundtrack. The OPs and EDs were largely done by Move, a Japanese rap/dance band and the in show background music was formed by a bunch of Eurobeat songs. Listening and trying to understand the lyrics tends to get you nowhere, but there’s something about the heavy use of synths that gets you going. The two songs we have here were chosen by both yappa and me. The first one, Running in the 90s, was from Initial D First Stage and is one of my favourite Eurobeat songs ever, especially with that intro. The second one is Forever Young, chosen by yappa, its played during what is probably the greatest moment in an anime battle ever. EVER.

But the problem with Initial D has always been its distribution and release schedule. Or rather, its lack thereof. As far as I know, Initial D DVDs aren’t being sold in Australia anymore. On top of that, there was the whole controversy over the Tricked Out version, which makes it alot more boy racer. Similarly, there’s no word of if we’re getting a 5th Stage anime, which makes everyone sad. :(

Music Monday

June 13, 2010, by , posted in Music

To follow up on last weeks video Sleet has requested that a true Britannian write up this weeks post.

For music Monday I selected a video that is appropriate for the current week. Today being the Queen’s birthday, my thoughts immediately went to the glorious empire of Britannia.

Code Geass was not actually brought to my attention in the season it was released in. It was until half way through R2 that I was introduced to the show and its’ compelling themes of Loyalty, Monarchism, and most important of all Pizza.


Music Monday

June 7, 2010, by , posted in Music

Stealing this idea off of another blog, every Monday we’ll be posting up a music clip that caught our attention in the past week.

To start this off I thought I’d take it back to, for what many of us, was the start. Neon Genesis Evangelion was for many anime fans the first series that they latched onto. Either from late night SBS showings or terrible quality VHS recordings, Evangelion had a lot of people clambering for more and the same. The anime had a depth that people could explore, themes that everyone could relate to (even if it was just teen angst) and a level of maturity that people hadn’t seen before in “cartoon” form.

Even despite the endings of the series (note the plural) dicking us around, it has maintained a level of following that really hasn’t been seen since. And with the remake movies coming out, there seems to be a lot of renewed interest in the series. And that’s why its this week’s pick for Music Monday.

They just don’t make anime like they used to.