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ArtJam/Mecha Day

March 10, 2011, by , posted in Events

Here is part 3 of Orientation Activities!

Date: SaturdayMarch 12th

Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Location: Haruhi Room! (Harry Heath, Level 2 Building 1. Opposite the Printing Centre, around the corner from the Prayer Rooms, same level as the food court)

BYO mecha set and come assemble it with us!
Not into mecha? Then come make origami, draw, leech UTS wireless, build papercraft, play mah-jong , jenga, cards… There is surely something for all of you! :)

Facebook Link: here.

Don’t know what to expect on the day? Check out our video!

Contact Details for the Day:

Will/Wonk (Public Relations Officer): 0402 057 928