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Music Monday – Introduction to Utaite

January 10, 2016, by , posted in Music

I’m going to take a stab in the dark that most of you have heard of Vocaloids. Personally, my favourite part of Vocaloid culture is the originality and creativity they allow producers. Unfortunately, sometimes, I’m not such a fan of the distinctive “robo-crooning” sound. That’s where Utaite come in! Utaite are humans that cover Vocaloid songs (mostly, although they do also cover other songs), meaning we have all the creativity of a Vocaloid song with the oftentimes more pleasant sound of a human singer. We’ll be looking at two of my personal favourite covers today – first up, papiyon’s E? Ah, Sou. as covered by Dasoku and 【Ren】.

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Music Monday – Senbonzakura

December 28, 2015, by , posted in Music

In this edition of Music Monday, lets explore the world of Vocaloid. I am sure most of you are familiar with Miku and her beautiful songs, and if you haven’t, I’d recommend you go through our Vocaloid tag.

The song Senbonzakura was released in 2011 and describes Japan during the Meiji period. However it has contains rather dark themes, mentioning guillotines and ICBM. On the other side, the catchy tunes make it one of the most memorable Miku songs.

The version I would like to show you today, is a violin cover by Lindsey Stirling. This cover is one of the best Senbonzakura covers I’ve heard, and the visuals make it that much better, so what better place to share my love for this great piece then on anime@UTS’ weekly Music Monday.

Got something similar to this you would like to share? Send us an email at, and you could be the next featured article on the website of UTS’ best (and only) anime society.

Picture It – Miku Sells!

May 9, 2012, by , posted in Art

Not satisfied with conquering the world of voice synthesising software and the wallets of otaku worldwide with her teal awesomeness, art of Hatsune Miku has begun appearing in the unlikeliest of places! Shall we take a look?

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Picture It – Or rather, Paint It.

February 1, 2012, by , posted in Art

Sometimes when we look at a picture, we don’t stop to look at the entirety of it. We may appreciate the effect it has, find it attractive, and so on, but we don’t step too close to look at the fine details of it.

Just a simple artist introduction today – nothing too profound. The artist is ume, someone I found on my brief trips through Tumblr. Her work was immediately arresting, and so I followed the source link to her pixiv page to check out her other works. I really like the use of colours, and the paint-brush like strokes which make up the painting. The overall effect of colour and composition is amazing. In itself, I suppose you could also call this appreciation of landscape art – similar but not quite like the cityscapes.

If you look closely at it, the artwork just seems like a mess of brush strokes, but take a couple of steps back, and what a different effect it creates. It looks messy underneath, but turns out as something worthy of admiration.

If you have a pixiv account, feel free to check out her page, but otherwise, click the images below to enlarge.

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Music Monday – Upbeat

August 8, 2011, by , posted in Music

I thought it would be nice to set an optimistic mood to the beginning of the semester by posting some poppy upbeat songs.

The first song comes from an album called daisy strategy by miskyworks. It was only some time after I first listened to the album that I found out that the songs were in fact Touhou arranges. The songs are covered in an interesting, unique fashion. Although the album is quite short, each track is done in a separate style, which are all pleasant to listen to.

Next is a vocaloid song with a hook that got me addicted within moments, Hello Strobe by powapowaP. I am fond of musicians who blend traditional and modern, and I get a kick out of that “glitchy” effect. Also it happens to be easy enough for me to sing at K!

Many of you may have heard the OP to last season’s Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, but probably missed out on the awesome other track from the OP single. Done in a similar style to the OP, but now with cute onomatopoeia!