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Weekly events will begin in week 2

Episode 09 – Join the Wolf Pack

July 30, 2017, by , posted in Events

Hey guys!!!

Welcome to semester 2, glad you all survived (for now…heh). This sem is going to be a busy one, but first thing’s first; WELCOME THE NEWBIES! And how will we welcome them you ask? Well, by killing them off one by one in a brutal game called Werewolf. If you haven’t played this game before, don’t worry, it’s super fun and can involve up to 75 people so let’s attempt the biggest game we’ve ever had at this event >:)

Killing villagers not your thing? Don’t worry, we will still have lots of other games and anime screenings to keep everyone entertained. Oh, and there will be food. Free food.

When: 5th August 12pm onwards
Where: UTS (TBA)
Cost: FREE~ (For members)
Link: Facebook

Chill and Games

Games & Chill

June 17, 2016, by , posted in Events

Hey Guys!!!
I know we are all trying to find last minute motivation to study for our exams so here it is! Games & Chill day!

Holidays can be pretty boring so come and relax and chill on the 11th July in CB06.04.37 from 10am-6pm. We’ll have usual fun and games stuffs to play around with (I will finish the One Piece puzzle muhauha), we’ll show some anime or play music etc., bring your DS, bring some snacks, bring extra games if you want. Ultra chill. Ultra fun. Anyone keen can join for dinner and karaoke afterwards \(-_- )/

When: 11th July
Where: CB06.04.37
Time: 10am-6pm
Why: boredom.
FB: link.


Knit For Charity~

May 18, 2016, by , posted in Events

Hey guys!

Starting this Friday at fun and games we will be invaded by KnittingSoc- A non-existent club at UTS.

Don’t know how to knit? Don’t worry! We will have an expert obaa-chan (Del) teaching you different ways to knit which can be applied to many different garments.

We will be supplying knitting needles and yarn for you guys to help us make small blankets for Angel Blankets- an organisation dedicated to comforting those families affected by the tragedy of miscarriage. Have your own needles? Bring them!

Find out more about the organization here:

When: weekly on Fridays
Where: Fun and Games (CB02.04.23)
Why: To help those who need it
Cost: Free~


Triweekly Friday Animahjong!

April 19, 2016, by , posted in Events

YO GUYS anime@UTS is going to be having triweekly Animahjong sessions with Mahjong@UTS starting on the 22nd April, and then every third week from there!

What is Animahjong you ask?? It’s basically anime@UTS’ usual Game and Funs from 2:00-6:00pm, but with a heavy dose of Mahjong@UTS’ Mahjong! Kapow! It’ll be running from CB02.4.23, so any regulars of our G&F should come, and any mahjong enthusiasts should come even more!

Saki may be screened ;) ;) ;)


Time: 22nd April, 2:00-6:00pm
Location: CB02.4.23
FB Event: link

Social Events

March 6, 2006, by , posted in Events

Please note screenings start Week 3 (13/3)

Monday – Broadway building 2
Anime: Fate/Stay NightGun X Sword
Time: 1-2pm
Where: CB02.06.42

Wednesday – Markets
Anime: Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)Black Cat and optional Bleach at the end
Time: 1-2pm
Where: CM05C.01.19

Thursday – Night Screenings
Anime: Sousei no AquarionBLOOD+
Time: 6-7pm
Where: Theatre lounge, Level 3 (union level), Building 1 (Next to the Glasshouse Bar)

Fun and Games Thursday
Events: There will be a range of activities for members to participate in; including iGo, Mahjong, Poker
Time: 3-5pm
Where: Concourse, Level 3, Building 1
Starts: Week 2

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