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Music Monday – Scandal

February 1, 2016, by , posted in Music

Hi everyone, today’s Music Monday is brought to you by our very own Tonkatsu! Lets see what he has to say about SCANDAL:

I’ve been listening to all of SCANDAL’s released albums ever since their announcement on a new album Yellow, which will be out on March 2nd. I’ll just say straight off that it’s one of those bands, like Asian Kung Fu Generation, that you want to keep talking about, because their songs are incredible.

SCANDAL was formed as a rock band back in 2006, which is what these 4 females called themselves, as they only did rock when they first started. They’re not simply 4 girls that tries to look cute as depicted in the likes of K-ON – they sing, play, write some songs and puts up great performances live on stage. They’re a powerful band with lively personality – so it’s no wonder why they are super popular.

I’m sure most of you guys have heard of SCANDAL before as they performed theme songs for popular anime such as Bleach:

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Music Monday

August 29, 2011, by , posted in Features

Thought I’d carry on the shounen theme for another week. Shounen anime, in my opinion, is the token genre of the whole medium. Its through shounen anime that the majority of anime fans become anime fans. Everyone has “their” series, like a Dragonball Z or a Naruto or a One Piece or a Bleach, that one series that they were hopelessly devoted to. For me though, I have many of those series. I’m almost a connoisseur of shounen anime/manga. I know a stupid amount of info about Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto, Bleach and a bunch of others that are slightly more obscure, like Eyeshield 21.

So anyway, this week’s Music Monday comes from Bleach. Or more specifically, the BEST Bleach opening, hands down.

Full version here.
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Music Monday

August 22, 2011, by , posted in Features

Its been a while since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it?

Looking back over the last few weeks, I see some eclectic musical fun, a little bit of cutesy, a sprinkling of piano pieces and a ton of jazz (why can mad never decide on ONE song?). And I think, what’s missing?

Some f****** rock. Adrenaline pumping, blood flowing, heart pounding music that makes you want to get up and shout out random Japanese phrases like “DATTEBAYO!” while beating down some baddies.

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Weekly Weeaboo

May 9, 2010, by , posted in Blog

A little late this week, sorry. Too many assignments to do. -_-

Bleach #402

Wtf is he going on about?

I’ve always liked Bleach’s incantations. Its like Naruto’s handseals for jutsu or the long start up for Dragonball. Sure the incantations don’t make sense, but you know the longer and more detailed the incantation, the better it is. They even assign a number as to how good the kidou is.

Anyway, this chapter had a nice playoff of power between Urahara and Aizen, though the dialogue was a miss for me. The whole “I’m in control” “No, I’m in control” style of dialogue, particularly with Aizen’s “I’m a god” way of talking doesn’t sit right. Maybe it works better in Japanese. Who knows. But its nice to see Urahara still use his tricks when he’s fighting serious.

Naruto #493

Real deep. Speaks to my soul.

How much soul-searching, character developing, jutsu/power training can Naruto go through? Like really? Hopefully it doesn’t end like the Team Gai fight in Shippuuden “To beat our clones, we just have to get stronger!”

It also seems like everyone in Naruto has a sad, tragic story in their past. All the tragic stories end up meaning nothing if there’s too many of them. Get to something important or progress the storyline please.

Weekly Weeaboo

April 23, 2010, by , posted in Blog

Naruto #492
Is anyone else really bored with Killer Bee? He almost feels like a filler episode character to me, completely not interesting. Also, Naruto’s having even more training!? Bleh. Hopefully this’ll be the last special training he needs. I can’t remember the last time Bleach had training -_-‘

Anyway, Guy-sensei has finally made an appearance again and I’m fairly sure that means we’ll be getting some Guy-sensei action in the future, and that’s never a bad thing.

Bleach #401

Bleach is pretty good right now. All the major players are starting to show up (though what happened to all the Captains and Lieutenants? Are they just laying on the ground bleeding to death?) They’re starting to answer some of those little quirks in the story that never made sense and blaming it all on the Hougyoku. The Vizards being created by Urahara’s desires seems to cheapen them a little, but Orohime and Chad’s powers now make perfect sense.

And who knows, we may finally see Urahara’s bankai and why its not suited for training purposes. The only problem I have with Bleach is that there’s another form coming -_-‘