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Manga Crisis?

April 22, 2010, by , posted in Blog

As shown in a recent whitepaper by ICv2, sales of english manga in the US and Canada have dropped 20% from the previous year. Many publishers have come to claim that online scanlations are to blame for the downturn. Similarly, Weekly Shounen Jump‘s publisher Shueisha has printed an open letter asking fans to curtail the spread of manga online and have even taken steps to shut down various scanned manga hosting websites, such as Raw Paradise (which now redirects to Shueisha’s website). Things are apparently looking bleak on the publisher end, which usually means there’ll be problems throughout.

So are we in the middle of a manga crisis?

Sankaku Complex offers a different reasoning (NSFW) to the downturn in manga sales, reminding people that there was a little Global Financial Crisis last year. Blaming the downturn on scanlations doesn’t seem entirely fair as well, since scanlations have always been available, even when manga sales were on the increase. Even so, Shueisha are seemingly now going to be more aggressive toward scans being uploaded to the internet. While I don’t see them stamping out all scans, it could change the way in which scanlations get to the internet, with chapters getting out slower and perhaps from less groups.

Perhaps the downturn is caused by a lack of quality manga coming out? With anime and manga being flooded by moe titles, which are very similar to one another, perhaps there is just less interest in the medium now. While the staples such as Naruto, Bleach and One Piece keep plodding away (and people are reluctant to invest in such long series), we have no break out titles like Death Note. From what I’ve been hearing in the club, alot of people are reducing what manga titles they choose to follow. And then of course, there’s Twilight, which has been stealing much of the tween audience. Maybe it isn’t so much a problem with sales as it is with the quality of the content being produced?

But despite all of this, one has to remember, scanlations are a form of piracy and illegal. The online culture has developed partly because the Japanese and Western publishers have been willing to let it go on, as it can help to foster manga sales. Its not surprising that once their profits start to dip, they’ll seek to stop that piracy.

Maybe there needs to be a shift in the way the average fan consumes their manga? Western comic publishers such as Marvel have started to explore digital distribution means for their comics. Viz have their own online manga system, albeit its not that extensive. I already pay for Marvel’s online comic service, and I’d be more than willing to pay for a manga styled one to take the place of scanlations, as long as releases were kept upto date like scanlations are currently.

How do you see the manga industry changing in the future? How would you like to read your manga? (iPad anyone? :p)

Carl Macek (1951 – 2010)

April 21, 2010, by , posted in News

For more info about Carl Macek, check out this link.

I remember watching Robotech as a kid. My brother and I were huge fans of the show. I even had a bunch of the toys, which I considered just as valuable as all my Aerial-bots (which could form Superion). Robotech was probably the first anime that I ever watched and followed.

Carl Macek, for his work on series such as Robotech, Akira, Vampire Hunter D, My Neighbour Totoro (at least the original) and even Bleach and Naruto, has introduced anime to a countless number of people, converting many of them to anime fans, and has helped pave the way for the acceptance that anime now has in protoculture western culture.

There are quite a few anime fans out there who are hostile toward anything to do with dubs or “americanising” anime. I think that this view is largely unreasonable, after all, most of us grew up watching those english dubs. And making anime more accessible and encouraging more people to watch anime is never a bad thing.

ANZAC Weekend Karaoke & Eatout

April 20, 2010, by , posted in Events

From K+E 2008

ANZAC Weekend Karaoke & Eatout

Date: Saturday 24th April, 2010
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Location: Echo Point (262 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000)

A snippet of what to expect:

2010 Jan Karaoke

Anime@UTS Pokémon Tournament

, by , posted in Events
Calling all those old school Pokémon fans!
The 1999 Pokémon Gold and Silver Nintendo Gameboy games have been remade and released as HeartGold and SoulSilver since the March 25, 2010!
If you are a fan of Gold and Silver, I assume that you have purchased a copy.

Inhouse Anime@UTS Tournament

Date: Saturday, May 1
Time: 12pm – 6pm
CB 2.05.42
(coincides with Anime Marathon…tourney at the back of the room…or corner)


-Pokémon in the party have to be the original 251.
-Legendaries are allowed.
-One hit KO moves are not allowed. (i.e Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold)
-Each party will be made up of six individual Pokemon. No duplicates.
-The tournament will be split into Over Level 50s and Under Level 50s categories
-You can register two parties maximum, one per category.
-All hold items are allowed.
-Each Pokémon may hold an individual item. No two Pokémon may hold the same item.
-No trainer items.
Discuss the event at our dedicated thread.

What are you reading/watching?

, by , posted in Blog

Just a curious question (and also to start some discussion on this blog), what anime are you watching currently? Also, what manga do you follow?

Right now, I follow Naruto and Bleach manga, largely because the time I’ve invested in them makes me want to keep watching them. As far as anime is concerned, I’m just watching K-ON!! weekly, but I have a bunch of other series I need to catch up on. And I need to buy the rest of Gurren Lagann -_-‘

So what do you guys read/watch weekly? And what do you have planned to watch later?