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Sussex Centre Food Court

April 18, 2010, by , posted in Out and About, Review

Sussex Centre Food Court

It has been a long standing, and popular, tradition in the UTS anime club to proceed to dinner directly after a night time screening. It has also been a long standing tradition, one oft met with negativity, to eat at the Sussex Centre Food Court in Chinatown. So, for the first food review of this blog, we’ll take a look at the place we like to call Sussex.

Back when I was in first year (which is further back than I care to think about), Sussex was always a regular eating hole for the club. Usually after Fun & Games or night screenings, a certain Shuai would utter the word “Sussex” and then a few minutes later we’d magically appear in the middle of Chinatown. It’s pull was amazing. And for good reason. Sussex offers a lot of variety in terms of asian dishes, all of reasonable to questionable quality for a very cheap price, all of which are positives for cheap uni students. You have Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean and a bunch of other cuisines the contents of which I do not dare ask. But over time, the tradition of Sussex has died out. Largely because Shuai isn’t around as much, but also because a few of us just got tired of going there. And Daruma was also closer to uni.

Bambi is impressed by our design skills.

DIY Interior Decorating.

The first problem with Sussex, particularly on a Friday night, is finding seats. If you’re by yourself or in a small group, its easy enough to find somewhere to sit. But if you’re a group of ten, like we were, then it pays to have some interior decorating skills.

The second, and major, problem with Sussex food court is knowing what you want to eat and knowing where to order it from. Some people have strict rules as to which places are considered safe place to buy food from and those which are considered hazardous in nature. I won’t go into details about that though, since that’s a whole other conversation (or two…or three…). One generally agreed upon safe store is the Japanese Croquette store (five of us ended up eating there), which is apparently called Kitchen OEC (I didn’t know until I looked at the picture again -_-). What does OEC even stand for?

Izzymon choosing her food.

Chicken Set

I ordered the Chicken Set from the Croquette place for $7.50. The set comes with fried chicken on a stick, two croquettes of your choice as well as pasta and green salad. For those who don’t know a croquette is a lawn game involving hitting a ball through loops with a mallet a small fried ball of mashed potato & some kind of meat incased in breadcrumbs. Kitchen OEC offers various kinds of croquettes, but the best ones, in my opinion, are the Sukiyaki and the Curry ones. The fried chicken is good, as good as most fried chicken is anyway. The croquettes offer a variety in taste, whilst the fried chicken offers something familiar and the salads are there to fill the plate. I don’t care much for the salad.

Anyway, here are some other people’s meals:

He sure does love his pho.

Yappa’s Pho.

Yappa had this to say:

<yappa> best
<yappa> perfect 10 dollar meal with ice tea
<yappa> although
<yappa> volume is a little low

Now with loyalty!

Syksy’s Katsu Don

Syksy’s eloquent review:

syksy: was good

I personally like the addition of loyalty and watermelon, but I think the salad is a bit corny.

Looks eggcellent

Bubby’s Bibimbab in a hotpot

<Bubby> could use more meat
<Bubby> otherwise ok had better elsewhere

Tastes like lollies!

Dennis likes Iced Tea

If you do go to Sussex, we suggest you avoid the drinks place and go for some Iced Tea for $1.50. Its available at one of the places on the corners (there’s only four possibilites!). It has a blue background to menu. If the $1.50 is too pricey for you, then go the Croquette place and get a 50c Barley Tea. All are awesome and another part of the Sussex experience.

How to make Iced T

So yeah, Anime@UTS recommends Sussex Centre food court for a good, cheap dinner. Some people say that Eating World or Dixon place is better than Sussex, but with the history and the culture built up around our Sussex, then there’s only one option for us.

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Weekly Weeaboo

April 15, 2010, by , posted in Blog

Reviews of the latest manga chapters. Y’arr. Beware of spoilers ahead, matey.

Naruto #491

Letting fangirls know Naruto has a gag reflex.

Sleet: I haven’t been a big fan of Naruto ever since they introduced the five nation politics with all the -kage’s. Its like Kishimoto is trying to add some kind of political tension to the series, when I feel it really doesn’t need it. Anyway, this chapter seemed to cover quite alot of ground for a Naruto chapter (at least 3 plot points!). The frogs have always been one of those weird and quirky parts of Naruto, so its kind of nice to see that they’re still weird and quirky. And Naruto having to deal with new found popularity should be interesting in the future. Though I don’t know how you can eat ramen after having a frog jammed down your throat…

With Tsunade back in the Hokage role, it makes you wonder why we bothered even having that small Danzo arc. Its not like he did anything worth while. And again, all this politics stuff just bores me. It just another way of giving commentary we already know about characters while they aren’t there. But I guess if you actually find the different -kage characters interesting, these scene would be as well, but I don’t. Also, not a big fan of Killer Bee. They actually made his rhyme rhyme this time, but most of the time his jokes fall short of jumping to english. Best bit of the chapter though, Naruto counting the tentacles. Looking back, this chapter was great for fangirls. Gag reflexes and tenatacles… -_-‘

Bleach #400
Sleet: Finally, Ichimaru’s Bankai is out of the bag. And its so simple, I think its great. The series has been more over the top with its bankai’s and resurrección’s lately, that something as simple as the fastest zanpakuto makes Gin’s bankai really unique. It doesn’t rely on some simple hook like controlling whatever your bajillion eyes can see or your sword scattering into a bunch of petals or casting illusions on people. It lets Bleach get back to what it’s best at: fighting. The best fights in Bleach have always been the simple ones, like Ichigo vs. Kenpachi, no real “tricks”, just good old fashioned sword fighting. Anyway, with that bankai, Gin’s now probably my favourite character in all of Bleach.

Then we get the little bit where Aizen says he has another form coming. Oh yay. ANOTHER FORM. -_-‘
I wish there was still only a shikai and a bankai. Life was so much simpler back then.


, by , posted in Admin, News

Have an anime website? A blog? Or maybe even a deviant art page? Give us a shout here and we’ll add you to our blogroll!

Hello! Hello! It’s a new world!

April 14, 2010, by , posted in Admin, News

Welcome to anime@uts’s new blog! Here we’ll be posting up all the things our club does, as well as anything and everything to do with anime! (Well…maybe not everything.) We’ll have our opinions and reactions to manga and anime, all the merch we’ve just bought, the figurines just built, the songs just karaoke’d, the memes we’ve been spreading, the art that’s just been drawn, the fanfiction that’s just been written (unless it’s of a certain nature -_-‘) and anything else that we can possibly fit into an anime blog.

I want this blog to be totally random and zany, at times serious and at others hilarious, kind of like anime itself. And that’s what our club is about. It isn’t just about screening anime, but embracing the anime culture and celebrating everything about it. So stick around and join in on the fun.

I’d like this to be as much of a community based thing as the rest of the club. So if you wish to contribute something to the blog, whether it be a write-up or review, some art you’ve just drawn or a new banner to throw into the (now seemingly endless) banner rotation, just give us a yell and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. If you have a better alternative to my crappy gradient background, then I will be very greatful ^_^.

This place looks a weird right now, but once we get more posts up it’ll start to flesh out a little. On the left side of the blog, we’ll have mainly the navigation stuff as well as the blogroll. On the right side you’ll find our upcoming events (including our weekly ones) that are within the next week, as well as our twitter feed and in the future, highlight posts from the blog. Up top you’ll see our rotating banner…thing. Currently there are 84 banners in the rotation and probably more to come.

While this blog was mainly my project, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a few individuals (largely because I suck at all things visual arts), so here’s a list of thank you’s:

Anyway, please look forward to what Anime@UTS has to bring to you in the future!

Karaoke and Eat out…Strikes Back

April 24, 2006, by , posted in Events

Heya again Peepz, Guess What?

Since the first Anime@UTSKaraoke and Eatout event was a success.
We decided to organise another one.

As before, this event is a dual event in that members can choose to come to either Karaoke, Eatout or both.
Because booking is required, please RSVP by 9th of May so we can choose the appropriate venues. RSVP by PM on the forum, email, or phone and state which event you are coming to.

Where: Meet outside Townhall (the building), Townhall
When : Meet 1:15 -1:30 at Townhall
Date: Saturday, 13th of May
Karaoke Venue:
Karaoke World.
185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
(Opposite Hyde Park)

Karaoke Time: 2-5pm
Cost : $15 ($5/hr)

Where: Yet to be decided
When : Meet around 5:30-45 pm outside Eatout venue
Cost : ??

We will post the eatout place within the week !!!

Ok that’s it.


Ezzi :P