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Monthly Newsletter – December 2016 Edition

December 24, 2016, by , posted in Blog

Merry Christmas!!! We’re finally at the end of the year and I have one thing to say to you all – congratulations. You’ve survived trimesters, and rushed deadlines and a very turbulent year of anime. Here’s a quick summary of cool things that happened this year, and what’s going on next year.

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First of all, thanks to all of you who attended our Christmas party! The albums are now available on Facebook, and in higher quality on our Flickr as well. Do enjoy!

In other, more entertaining news, Boku no Hero Academia has made the New York Time’s list of top TV shows! Admittedly, only with the qualifier of “international”, and with a pretty weird, slightly short-sighted explanation: “But it focuses on a fanboy who obsessively follows the new costumed heroes while having no abilities of his own — a perfect stand-in for the anime and manga audience.” It feels a little hypocritical for a writer venerating superhero movies and TV shows about Cold War-era spies to take aim at anime fans for liking to engage in fantasies, as well as symptomatic of the limiting view ~normal~ people take to international media, and anime in particular. Does anyone else have that opinion?

This has been a very active month for LBGTQIA+ characters – not only did we have Victor and Yuri consistently one-upping each other for the best cute gay shipping moment of 2016, but a comic from Blizzard revealed Overwatch’s Tracer has a girlfriend named Emily. Needless to say, reactions have been mixed from the community at large  – where do we all fall with this?

ALSO! For any musicians in the group, we’re looking at creating a second band to back up UNIKON at our events. But, of course, that means we need members! Expressions of interest will be going out early in the new year, so if you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled – and maybe start practicing an audition piece! If you don’t happen to have any anime sheet music on hand, toddle on over to Sperion no Sora to see if there’s anything there you can use to help your arrangement.
We’re getting an early start on events for 2017:

[AnimeSydney] Beach Episode!
WHEN: Wednesday 11th January, 12pm-10:00pm
WHERE: Coogee Beach and UNSW
WHAT: Who doesn’t love the beach? And particularly with the spectre of 35+ degree days, taking a dip in a large body of water sounds like a good way to avoid overheating. Join us and all our friends from AnimeSydney at Coogee Beach from 12:00pm for a day of summer fun! At 3:30, we’ll retire back to the nearby UNSW campus for screenings and other fun. All for the low low cost of a gold coin donation!
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Monthly Newsletter – November 2016 Edition

November 24, 2016, by , posted in Blog

The year is getting scarily close to ending now, so let’s send it off with a bang! There’s lots going on, between the Pokemon release, unnecessarily early Christmas advertising campaigns, and, of course, our up-and-coming Christmas party, so let’s get down to business.

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Amid all the furore around Pokemon Sun and Moon, a couple of pretty awesome game releases got skipped over. Mostly, I’m talking about Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness, a visual novel acting as a side story to the main series. I know I was a huge fan of the original, so this is a definite on my Christmas wishlist! Anyone else happy about this discovery?

In a move that shocked absolutely no one, the Evangelion 3.0+1.0 movie was very, very late based on the original announcements. We were told to expect it around late 2015, but what with localisation issues with 3.0 and all this other mess the project got caught up in, it seems that it’s really only getting under way now. We’ll see it “eventually”, according to animation director Honda Takeshi. Better than never, I guess?

In cheerier news for the otome among you, you may remember the figures of Rin and Sosuke based on the OVA for Free! Eternal Summer that made a pretty big splash back in late 2015. The ones with the wet shirts and water pistols? Well, it was Makoto’s birthday on the 18th, and in celebration, preorders opened for a new figure of him in that same series. I want it so bad but so much money T_T please tell me I’m not alone in this OwO (P.S. I’ve officially caved).

Don’t forget our upcoming events! AND REMEMBER – if you’re coming to our Christmas party (which you are), you absolutely HAVE to buy a ticket super-super-soon, so get in touch with an exec ASAP~

[AnimeSydney] Christmas Party!
WHEN: Friday 2nd December, 6pm-10:00pm
WHERE: The Underground, UTS
WHAT: Come and celebrate the end of another successful year of AnimeSydney activities with us~ We’ll have all sorts of activities, including our traditional trivia competition, a cosplay contest and Pokemon tournament! Check out the FB event for the full list. There’s not very long left to get tickets in the presale, so contact an exec ASAP to get that sweet, sweet $5 saving.
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Halloween Hunt~ [with JASS & DC]

October 29, 2016, by , posted in Events

BOO! Now that we have your attention, come to the joint Halloween extravaganza with our friends at anime@UTS and DC~
We’ll be starting our super spooky scavenger hunt at 4pm – come for a heart-racing rush around the city as you’re led through a cult initiation. Collect the stamps to compete for prizes!
Following that, come back to cult headquarters (better known as CB07.02.025) for finger food and some monstrous movies*
Cost is $5 for a night of fun, frights and friends
*full list TBA

WHEN: Friday 18th November, 4pm-10pm
WHERE: CB07.02.025
COST: $5
FB: link

[anime@UTS] Monthly Newsletter – October Edition

October 22, 2016, by , posted in Blog

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Waaah, semester is finally over~ Congratulations to everyone on surviving yet another stress-filled time. This does sadly mean the end of weekly events until next year starts T_T
Good luck to those of you with exams, and those of you without, count yourselves lucky ^_^
Time to binge on everything we haven’t been able to watch over the semester! I’ve had Noragami on my watchlist for about 8 months now and I finally have a chance~ Is there anything you’ve been busting to watch for ages?

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Have we all seen Shelter, the 6-minute short film from A-1 Pictures? I’ll admit, I’m not the hugest fan of the song, but the animation is stunning and the message is quite touching. Really clever construction from Peter Robinson! I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did~

The Pokemon Sun and Moon demos have been released for the Australian Nintendo eShop now – if you complete the demo by the release date, you get to carry over a special Greninja into the actual game, so if you’re a big Greninja fan it’s definitely worth it! And of course, data miners have already extracted every last drop of information from this little packet and have released it publicly, so here we have a whole bunch of spoilery stuff – like sprites for the final forms of the starters, and a couple of other things I won’t say!

In related news, Nintendo has just announced the Nintendo Switch~ We already know a fair bit about it
– basically, it’s the fusion of the WiiU with the DS line. You can play the same titles at home or on the run (hopefully)! It looks pricey and a little gimmicky though, so my opinion is split :| What do you guys think?

Even though our weeklies are no longer running, there are whole heap of holiday events coming up to keep you guys entertained – check out the list below!

WHEN: Friday 18th November, 4-10pm
WHERE: CB07.03.025
WHAT: A spooky scavenger hunt, some freaky finger food and monstrous movies – a night of frights and friends, for only $5!

WHEN: Saturday 19th November 3:30 pm
WHERE: Event Cinemas, George Street
WHAT: Who doesn’t love a good dose of competitive karuta? Come and join us at Chihayafuru Part 1 at the JFF! Tickets are $15 for concession or $18 for adults, and RSVPs are essential – check the event for the signup sheet!

WHEN: Saturday 19th November 6 pm
WHERE: Event Cinemas, George Street
WHAT: Now, Chihayafuru comes in two parts, so it’s a whole marathon! This ticket also costs $15 for concession or $18 for adults, and RSVPs are still essential – so sign up now!

WHEN: Sunday 20th November 1 pm
WHERE: Event Cinemas, George Street
WHAT: JFF is in town, and we’re heading to see Assassination Classroom –Graduation-. A live action adaptation of a modern classic! Tickets are $15 for concession or $18 for adults, and RSVPs are essential – check the event for the signup sheet!

WHEN: Friday 25th November 8:45pm
WHERE: Event Cinemas, George Street
WHAT: Everyone loved Boku Dake ga Inai Michi/Erased as an anime, so we’re taking y’all to see it live-action at JFF! Make sure to RSVP on the Google Survey on the FB event – $15 for concession, $18 for adults.

WHEN: Friday 2nd December, 6pm-10:00pm
WHERE: The Underground, UTS
WHAT: Come and celebrate the end of another successful year of AnimeSydney activities with us~ We’ll have all sorts of activities, including our traditional trivia competition, a cosplay contest and Pokemon tournament! Check out the FB event for the full list. Tickets are $15 in the presale, so contact an exec as soon as possible to arrange for your ticket! Otherwise, you can chance it for a $20 ticket at the door, but they’re limited and ~more expensive~

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Anime Sydney Xmas Party 2016

AnimeSydney Christmas Party 2016 ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ!!

October 15, 2016, by , posted in Events

Ho ho ho~ Christmas has arrived once again, and once again we invite you to our Christmas Party!! It’ll at the Underground, the UTS campus bar, on the 2nd December at 6pm. It’s an open event, for all ages, and members and non-members alike, so please feel free to invite all your friends and that strange second cousin twice removed that you met that one time.

There’ll be lots of games and activities to keep you busy – here’s just a quick breakdown of what we’ll have going on:

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