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History That – 4Kids

April 17, 2014, by , posted in History

So it’s assessment hell for most. Our beloved overlord, is currently facing the perils of exams. Everyone, please give him your strength~ I’m here, running away from reality, to write about the joys of 4Kids. This post was inspired by some remarks made by J.T, a while back.

So what was 4Kids?

4Kids was an American film/television company that specialized production, acquisitions and licensing of children’s entertainment. 4kids focused primarily in the licensing and dubbing of  anime and cartoons into English and grew into a subsidiary of 4Licensing Corporation. 4Kids ran from 1992-2012, went through a variety of name and business changes. It also experienced a massive downturn as it gained infamy and it’s assets were overtaken by other companies. In 2011, it’s parent company 4Licensing Corporation declared bankruptcy in New York and it’s assets were divided up. The reason why 4Kids is an infamous part of Western Anime history is due to it’s practices.

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History That – Original English Manga

April 10, 2014, by , posted in History

I’m late. Barely going to post this in time. Week 7 is my killer week when everything piles on. You know what piled on until it finally went away? Original English manga, which thankfully is still relatively recent history.

What is Original English Manga (OEL)? In the 1990s, there were a few publishing companies which published translated volumes of manga.  These found a market albeit a small one with controversies such as panel flipping, censorship and bad translations. Some of them also published English comics which were distinctly inspired by manga. In the 2000s, some of these publishing companies took it a step further by publishing “manga style” comics by western creators, proclaiming they were jumping into the “mangaesque” style. I should note that when I talk about OEL, I am referring specifically to the phenom of Western publishing companies publishing “manga” style comics. International manga, which is encompasses all comics, is the term recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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History That – Konohanasakuya-Hime

April 3, 2014, by , posted in History

Hello all, this is Adasifs. I’m returning with a brand new blog segment called “History This”, posted on Thursdays. What will it be about? HISTORY! Just little history and mythological tidbits and contexts that are present in anime.  These posts are  largely focused upon, providing historical contexts to historical/mythological references in anime, games and Japanese media.

Onto some housekeeping things. Firstly I’ll provide all my sources but I refuse to reference. Referencing is one of my personal hells. My only concession is the odd footnote here and there.   Secondly – sources. I can’t read Japanese. This was written with an utter reliance on written western resources.  Thirdly – will I be analyzing extensively? I should but I’m lazy. I think I’ll only recount and provide context.

Now onto the first post! This post is dedicated to Patrick.M and the persona of his waifu, Yukiko from Persona 4 – Konohana Sakuya.

Konohana Sakuya – Yukiko Amagi’s Persona

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March 11, 2011: three years on

March 11, 2014, by , posted in Blog

Charity Japan BBQ

Today is March 11, 2014, three years since the 2011 Touhoku earthquake triggered a massive tsunami that devastated Japan. The most powerful known earthquake to have hit Japan, the tsunami it triggered cause nuclear accidents that in turn triggered world-wide debate of the safety of nuclear power plants, and was the costliest natural disaster in world history.

What made it more unique though, was the endless positivity of those that endured these hardships in Japan, as the country extended open arms to devastated Japanese households. Communities wandered shores and searched the ocean for survivors and even to just give parents that sense of closure. Mangaka and celebrities worldwide drew and recorded (respectfully) messages of encouragement — がんばって、日本!日本,加油!

How unfortunate it was today that my manager chose to employ the word ‘tsunami’ in an article.

When all hell broke loose

I won’t recap any more, but it was one of those events where you remember where you were the moment you heard the announcement; just as people remember where they were and what they did the day John F. Kennedy was shot, and how the days that followed shaped them.

I remember I was riding on an express to Central to university that morning when I heard the news. I was sitting in one of the single seats just within the doors of an express train, ie. not upstairs and not downstairs. As usual, I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline, catching up when I first noticed the news of the reported earthquake in Japan.

I retweeted it, but it was evident as I continue to read that this was something serious. I began to follow the hashtag and retweet all the news I thought was important, and relevant. Japan was a country not my own, but one I had come to love and I was worried about those that lived there even if they were simply strangers.

Charity Japan BBQ

In the days that followed, fundraisers sprung up around the globe, Tumblr posts with and for information were created and reblogged by many to speed up the gathering of relief funds as well as in the search for information. Anime@UTS even collaborated with several other clubs including EGG, JASS, Red Cross, United Nations and Photography (Exposure) clubs at UTS to bring the Japan Fundraising BBQ on April 15.

Three years on, we remember those days and although much work has been done these past few years to recover from that incident, I think it is one we will remember for a long time to come because of its great worldwide impact. But not only that, it is also remembered because of the Japanese people’s attitudes and the way they were so openhearted, there were no stories of looting we are accustomed to. The Japanese today are surely a unique and amazing race that we could all hope to learn from.


March 4, 2014, by , posted in Events

Weekly events should hopefully start to get more normal here on in. As a recap, here’s the events we have, this post to be updated with more information once we hear back from the university itself!

Weekly Events

Monday Screenings
4PM – 6PM
Room TBA

Fun and Games
3PM – 6PM (dinner afterwards optional)
UTS Concourse (Tower Building/Building 1)

Friday Screenings
3PM – 6PM
Room CM05D.01.14
* Due to circumstances outside of our control

And one more Orientation Event for you!

Orientation Karaoke

What: Singing and making a fool of yourselves
When: March 8 2014
Where: Big Echo Karaoke
Why: It’s a whole heap of fun~
How: Open your pie hole ;)
LINK: [Anime@UTS] O-Karaoke! ♪