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[anime@UTS] Monthly Newsletter – October Edition

October 22, 2016, by , posted in Blog

Monthly Newsletter title

Waaah, semester is finally over~ Congratulations to everyone on surviving yet another stress-filled time. This does sadly mean the end of weekly events until next year starts T_T
Good luck to those of you with exams, and those of you without, count yourselves lucky ^_^
Time to binge on everything we haven’t been able to watch over the semester! I’ve had Noragami on my watchlist for about 8 months now and I finally have a chance~ Is there anything you’ve been busting to watch for ages?

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Have we all seen Shelter, the 6-minute short film from A-1 Pictures? I’ll admit, I’m not the hugest fan of the song, but the animation is stunning and the message is quite touching. Really clever construction from Peter Robinson! I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did~

The Pokemon Sun and Moon demos have been released for the Australian Nintendo eShop now – if you complete the demo by the release date, you get to carry over a special Greninja into the actual game, so if you’re a big Greninja fan it’s definitely worth it! And of course, data miners have already extracted every last drop of information from this little packet and have released it publicly, so here we have a whole bunch of spoilery stuff – like sprites for the final forms of the starters, and a couple of other things I won’t say!

In related news, Nintendo has just announced the Nintendo Switch~ We already know a fair bit about it
– basically, it’s the fusion of the WiiU with the DS line. You can play the same titles at home or on the run (hopefully)! It looks pricey and a little gimmicky though, so my opinion is split :| What do you guys think?

Even though our weeklies are no longer running, there are whole heap of holiday events coming up to keep you guys entertained – check out the list below!

WHEN: Friday 18th November, 4-10pm
WHERE: CB07.03.025
WHAT: A spooky scavenger hunt, some freaky finger food and monstrous movies – a night of frights and friends, for only $5!

WHEN: Saturday 19th November 3:30 pm
WHERE: Event Cinemas, George Street
WHAT: Who doesn’t love a good dose of competitive karuta? Come and join us at Chihayafuru Part 1 at the JFF! Tickets are $15 for concession or $18 for adults, and RSVPs are essential – check the event for the signup sheet!

WHEN: Saturday 19th November 6 pm
WHERE: Event Cinemas, George Street
WHAT: Now, Chihayafuru comes in two parts, so it’s a whole marathon! This ticket also costs $15 for concession or $18 for adults, and RSVPs are still essential – so sign up now!

WHEN: Sunday 20th November 1 pm
WHERE: Event Cinemas, George Street
WHAT: JFF is in town, and we’re heading to see Assassination Classroom –Graduation-. A live action adaptation of a modern classic! Tickets are $15 for concession or $18 for adults, and RSVPs are essential – check the event for the signup sheet!

WHEN: Friday 25th November 8:45pm
WHERE: Event Cinemas, George Street
WHAT: Everyone loved Boku Dake ga Inai Michi/Erased as an anime, so we’re taking y’all to see it live-action at JFF! Make sure to RSVP on the Google Survey on the FB event – $15 for concession, $18 for adults.

WHEN: Friday 2nd December, 6pm-10:00pm
WHERE: The Underground, UTS
WHAT: Come and celebrate the end of another successful year of AnimeSydney activities with us~ We’ll have all sorts of activities, including our traditional trivia competition, a cosplay contest and Pokemon tournament! Check out the FB event for the full list. Tickets are $15 in the presale, so contact an exec as soon as possible to arrange for your ticket! Otherwise, you can chance it for a $20 ticket at the door, but they’re limited and ~more expensive~

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Monthly Newsletter – September Edition

September 30, 2016, by , posted in Blog

Monthly Newsletter title

Hey everyone! If you’ve read our last newsletter, you’d know that we had our AGM, meaning that the old execs will now be replaced by new ones, meaning that this will be the last newsletter from Yours Truly, me D: Not to fear though! We now have the wonderful Matt as our Communications Director, so he will now be in charge of writing up newsletters as per usual, so I will be leaving you all in good hands! (I will be missing these one-sided conversations though…;; )

News and Events Banner

So the biggest news of this month is the announcement of One Punch Man’s Season 2. It is currently in production and will hopefully air next year!

Also some great news: if you’re in Australia (which you most likely are), there is free streaming of up-to-date anime this weekend from AnimeLab! It’s just for this weekend though, so you’d better stay tuned!

[anime@UTS] Night Noodle Markets!
WHEN: 14th October
WHERE: Hyde Park

Monday Screenings
WHEN: Mondays 3-6PM
WHERE: Theatre Lounge, Building 1

Wednesday Screenings
WHEN: Wednesdays 3-5PM
WHERE: CB11.03.400

Etch and Jam
WHEN: Thursdays 3-5PM
WHERE: CB11.03.205

Fun and Games
WHEN: Fridays 2-6PM
WHERE: CB11.03.300

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[anime@UTS] Monthly Newsletter – July Edition

July 27, 2016, by , posted in Blog

Monthly Newsletter title

Hello anime friends! Hope everyone’s had a restful break and ready for the new semester. Now to get to the anime airing this season, I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything I’ve come across so far, particularly one called 91 Days! Let us know which one you liked the most :D

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Fan of HoneyWorks‘ music? Some great news! A movie based off of their songs is being made and is releasing this December, titled Suki Ni Naru Sono Shunkan Wo (I wait for the moment you love me). This is the second film inspired by HoneyWorks‘ piece, the first being Zutto Mae kara Suki Deshita (I want to let you know that I love you).

If you’re one of the millions who play Pokemon Go, you should know about your team leaders, who were announced last Sunday at Comic-con by Niantic (some hilarious fan-art also transpired after). They also gave answers to many questions about the game (yes they know about the mountain of bugs) and gave hints to new features in upcoming updates such as breeding and improving gyms.

Another big reveal at Comic-con is Tsutomu Nihei’s manga BLAME! will be getting a film adaptation which will stream on Netflix Originals in 2017. A teaser trailer was also released last Saturday which you can see here! Despite being completely CG, I reckon it looks stunning! Would love to hear what you guys think!

The Broadway Collection Origami Workshop
WHENWednesday, August 3 at 12 PM – 2 PM
WHERE: UTS Library
WHAT: As part of the Broadway Collection program, ActivateUTS, anime@UTS and JASS are teaming up to bring you an origami workshop! Join us at the UTS Library onWednesday 3rd August from 12pm-2pm for fun, folding and friends~
ActivateUTS Clubs Day 2016!
WHENThursday, August 4 at 9 AM – 4 PM
WHERE: UTS Building 1- Level 3, 4 & 5
WHAT: The biggest event of the session is back with CLUBS DAY! Join us for a day full of fun with all of our Clubs & Societies, freebies, games, demo’s, food and much more! A free event you don’t want to miss out on!
[anime@UTS] Magical Grillz Day! (Sem 2 Orientation)
WHENSaturday, August 6 at 12 PM
WHERE: Central Park Sydney
WHAT: YOOO So it’s semester 2 of our wonderful trimester year….. Let’s welcome our new members into the club with our awesome magical grillz day. Come be a magical grill and grill some meat too.

TBA soon!

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[Anime@UTS] Monthly Newsletter – June/July Edition

July 3, 2016, by , posted in Blog

Monthly Newsletter titleHey everyone! Congratulations to all of you who are officially done with this semester! And to those of you who still have exams left, don’t give up! Freedom awaits you behind those papers. Anyway, hope you all haven’t gotten sick yet from this wintery weather (unlike me) and don’t forget to keep checking your screens for updates on all the new anime series coming out this season! (If you’re not sure on what to watch, stay tuned for our own recommendations!)


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The cast of the new stage play for Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Crimson Chapter has been released along with some epic photographs. If only they did anime theatre plays here…

Who else is excited for the new Pokemon Sun & Moon games? If you are, take a look at this new trailer which has been released that shows 7 new Pokemon!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Netflix is currently working on a live-action adaptation of the anime super-hit Death Note. A lot of the cast has just been announced as well! As for me, I’m quite excited to see how this will turn out since I’m a huge fan of the series. I’d love to know what you guys think as well!

AnimeSydney Camp
WHENJuly 16 – July 18
WHERE: Milson Island
WHAT: Get excited and get ready to revel in the fun times and memories with all your friends from Anime@UTS, AnimeUNSW, SUAnime and AnimeMQ!

Sorry, no weeklies until uni starts again!

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[Anime@UTS] Monthly Newsletter – May Edition

May 29, 2016, by , posted in Blog

Monthly Newsletter title

Hello fellow anime fans! How’re y’alls going? Despite the finals which are coming up, there are still tons of unwatched anime out there so make sure you work those procrastination skills to the core! Or drop by our weekly Screenings to catch up on all those new anime series coming out this season ;D (Just kidding, anime@UTS is not responsible for any marks lost from lack of studying)


News and Events Banner

If you’re a fan of Osomatsu-san or Mr. Osomatsu, good news! You can now get your face caricatured into the anime’s unique style using this Matsu-maker! Japanese Twitter users seem to be going crazy over this!
What happens when you put Sanrio and bishonen together? Apparently, this. And it’s gorgeous. This Sanrio Danshi project consists of personified gender-bended versions of our favourite Sanrio characters, including Hello Kitty and Cinnamonroll. There’s also a sneak-preview of it here!

WHENTuesday, June 7 at 6 PM
WHERE: The Underground UTS
WHAT: Do you know the exact population of Japan? Or how many times Naruto has shouted Sasuke’s name and been ignored? (Hint: very similar number) No? Well start studying because it’s TRIVIA TIME!
COST: $15 for a single ticket, or if you register as a group of 4 it costs $50

[anime@UTS] End of Semester Dinner! :D
WHEN: Sunday, 3 April
WHERE: Dae Jang Kum (35 Goulburn Street, Sydney)
WHAT: Its finally nearing the busy end of the semester, so why not have some time out from studying and forget about your worries with some delicious KBBQ and drinks (For a while at least).
COST: Pay for what you order :)

Monday Screenings
WHEN: 3-6pm
WHERE: Theatre Lounge (Building 1 Lvl 3)

Wednesday Art Class
WHEN: 3-6pm
WHERE: CB2.5.23

Thursday Screenings
WHEN: 5-7:30pm
WHERE: CB2.5.32

Friday Fun & Games
WHEN: 2-6pm
WHERE: CB2.4.23

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