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Roll up, roll up, learn all about it! … Wait, that’s now how it goes! Revisit times past and see how our anime and manga culture evolved to how it is today, for better or for worse. Relive the glory days!

History That – Konohanasakuya-Hime

April 3, 2014, by , posted in History

Hello all, this is Adasifs. I’m returning with a brand new blog segment called “History This”, posted on Thursdays. What will it be about? HISTORY! Just little history and mythological tidbits and contexts that are present in anime.  These posts are  largely focused upon, providing historical contexts to historical/mythological references in anime, games and Japanese media.

Onto some housekeeping things. Firstly I’ll provide all my sources but I refuse to reference. Referencing is one of my personal hells. My only concession is the odd footnote here and there.   Secondly – sources. I can’t read Japanese. This was written with an utter reliance on written western resources.  Thirdly – will I be analyzing extensively? I should but I’m lazy. I think I’ll only recount and provide context.

Now onto the first post! This post is dedicated to Patrick.M and the persona of his waifu, Yukiko from Persona 4 – Konohana Sakuya.

Konohana Sakuya – Yukiko Amagi’s Persona

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Analyse This: A Generalized Timeline of the History of Anime and Manga (Part One)

May 30, 2012, by , posted in Features, History


This is a post on the history of manga with mentions of anime. This is just a series of observations about the history, the similarities, trends and the way anime and manga has changed over the years. I would just like to state firstly in no way, with my limited resources, inability to read Japanese and blatant preference for manga, should this be thought of as a conclusive history. There will be gaps, factual mistakes, and spelling errors which if spotted, should be commented upon.

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Analyse This: Shoujo Manga

May 4, 2012, by , posted in Features, History

Princess Knight by Osamu Tezuka and Mistress Fortune by Arina Tanemura

The shoujo demographic contains females generally younger than 18. Shoujo manga has a reputation for being over melodramatic, sugary sweet and suffocating their characters in flowers. Shoujo anime is much the same, albeit without as many flowers or sparkles.

Shoujo manga is actually quite varied. The only thing that has remained utterly constant in shoujo manga is the need for romance, preferably with a side dish of angst and the big eyes. Fantasy, action, psychological and horror works have been successful but this demographic has always largely thrived upon romance and ‘slice of life’.

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Birthday Wishes

February 28, 2011, by , posted in History

Today, we’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Emily, our esteemed treasurer.



We hope that all your yaoi wishes come true~!