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I honestly don’t know what this category is about, might get rid of it, but if you came upon it, then good on you.

Music Monday

April 5, 2011, by , posted in Features

So what do you know of the band RADWIMPS?

I’d personally never heard of them (though I’m not always the most up to date…) until I went in search for some AMVs/MADs on Youtube and shared my discoveries with some friends. My friend identified the band for me, and only then did I realise I’d been hearing them in many places all along.

Their lyrics are written with care and the tunes are interesting with a surprisingly quick yet even pace, since the music flows so smoothly. In my view, the music is very natural and clean, and also gives me a sense of inspiration.

But don’t just take my word for it.. have a listen and see what you think~

(Don’t worry, I won’t subject you to those MADs..)

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Music Monday

March 30, 2011, by , posted in Features

Well, well… Better late than never, I suppose. Hopefully this will satisfy your want of music to assault your ears (in the nicest way possible, of course).

I remember taking a liking to this song, and the series, upon my introduction to Kamen Rider Decade at one of our Weekly screenings. Perhaps this is not the best Kamen Rider (or the best song) out there, but it’s still worth a listen. There are some nice visual effects, and who can say no to Gackt?