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EP 07 - Chillaxing Movie Pre-Camp Fun
Saturday, 8th July, 12:00
Location: UTS

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Monthly Newsletter – June Edition

June 25, 2017, by , posted in Features

Hey team! This is just gonna be a short one because exams are killing me T_T I’ve been marathonning Yu-Gi-Oh GX instead of studying so I’m mildly screwed but that’s okay~

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There’s been a few pieces of big news with regards to new releases! A third season of Shokugeki no Souma has been confirmed for Fall 2017 (so October) and, in the biggest news, a third season of Attack on Titan has been promised for 2018! Do we expect delays? Yes. Of course. It was like 4 f*cking years between the first two why would we ever take their word again. Y’see, this is why I have trust issues. In other interesting news, Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale has outperformed both Pirates of the Caribbean AND Wonder Woman at the Italian box office. Italy has always has a thing for anime, it seems – they were one of few places that aired all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon, they religious dub just about every children’s anime that comes out… there’s a joke in there somewhere, maybe, but my brain is too fried to find it.

Nijimen has launched a poll asking their Twitter followers and other visitors to their site to pick their favourites out of this season. While the voting is definitely heavily biased (like… I’m having Crunchyroll Anime Awards flashbacks rn), the results aren’t terribly surprising. As of the time of publishing, the top three spots are taken with Attack on Titan at 99 votes, Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine at 122 votes and High School Star Musical at 142 votes. MY TRASHY MUSICAL CHILDREN ARE EN ROUTE TO DOMINATION! Ahem. Eromanga Sensei performed surprising well in this fujoshi-heavy demographic, garnering 35 votes, while steamy soft-porn x-reader-fanfic-gone-wild Room Mate ~One Room Side M~ flopped with a depressing 12 votes. I promise I tried to find less biased polls but they’re not out there yet!

Now for our upcoming events!

AnimeSydney Camp!

WHEN: Saturday 15th July – Monday 17th
WHERE: Berry Sports and Recreation Centre
WHAT: As is tradition, AnimeSydney, all of the important anime societies at UTS, UNSW, USyd and Macquarie, are taking over the Berry Sports and Recreation Centre for a 3-day, 2-night adventure of non-stop fun~

Just a gentle reminder for those of you who are coming along~ It’s gonna be all the fun, so I’m excited to see you there!

Episode 7 – Chill Movie Day!

WHEN: Saturday 8th July, 12PM
WHERE: UTS (exact location TBA)
WHAT: Holidays can be boring and we are all super excited for camp, but don’t worry, we will keep you entertained (probably).
Basically – we will look at the poll on the FB event to see what movies you guys want to watch. We will screen them for you (movie snacks included) and we will relax. The cost is free, but snacks from us will be limited, so please bring some of your own to share!

Check out the FB EVENT!

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I am broken so here, have some out-of-context anime screenshots~ courtesy of this here twitter




And finally, one from my own procrastination adventures~

ygo yaoi

Is there something you’d like to see in the omake section? Get in touch with me and we’ll work something out~

Till next month!

Fudanshi extraordinaire,


Monthly Newsletter – May Edition

May 26, 2017, by , posted in Blog

Uwaaaa~ the end of semester is so close, yet so far away! I’m actually so thirsty for it I’m so dead T_T and I’m sure you all are too! Let’s commiserate our collective deaths together with a celebratory newsletter!

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First and most importantly, a big welcome to our fresh-faced execs! We can’t wait for the chance to break you all *laughs evilly*. Meet the team!

Art Director: Joanne Lee

Co-Art Director: Yukari Connelley

Co-Events Director: Jamie Cummings

General Execs: Ahn Vu

Steven Nguyen

and Bit Bit, our resident mystery master! See below the dream meme team~

Thank you to everyone who attended the SGM, and we hope to see you all at the AGM later in the year to take our society into the future :)

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Monthly Newsletter: April Edition

April 24, 2017, by , posted in Blog

It’s finally StuVac and dear god did I need it! I’ve gotten far too sidetracked following all the new things from this season – with a season 2 of Starmyu and season 6 of Natsume Yuujinchou I have plenty of things to keep me busy. I definitely won’t be catching up over the break though, not with all these assignments :| I hope you guys have more fun than me!

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The first PV for the No Game No Life: Zero movie has surfaced! The visuals look amazing, as you’d expect, but that’s about all I can tell you given my horrendous Japanese reading ability (or lack thereof). I like the look of this new robot girl and the white-haired guy, they’re both pretty cute :)) Given the massive dragon, Tet at a cafe and the lack of Sora and Shiro I’m gonna guess this is a prequel, but anyone who actually follows this closely probably already knew that. With a cinematic release on July 15, we won’t be seeing anything of this movie for a good 6 months or more :/

Now, I’ve always been more of a Digimon fan than a Pokemon fan – the games are so much richer! I love the branched evolution lines and the more complicated experience point dynamics. So, I’m excited to keep seeing more details about the Digimon Story:Cyber Sleuth games. We’ve had new designs released for some new characters; Mishima Erika is a genius hacker that can connect her consciousness with the internet (I think?) and Fei is a violenty sadistic leader of a cyberterrorism group. It sounds a little dark, but I like it that way! Granted, I don’t remember seeing the prequel to this game around anywhere so this could be hard to find.

Here’s a fun little poll that’s come around: a poll has been taken asking for the favourite onsen/hot spring scenes in anime. The results were split by gender, just for a little bit of extra information. The top-rated show from the guys was Full Metal Panic, closely followed by KonoSuba and Hyouka. And of course, no surprises, Yuri!!! on Ice took the top spot from the girls. It’s actually caused something of a stir – there was some very hot competition from Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!, a show that is basically one big onsen scene. It was a narrow victory, but ultimately Victor’s abs won out, with Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live taking the 3rd spot. Does any have strong opinions on this? I personally am a big fan of the Natsume Yuujinchou onsen scene, mostly because it gave us this dubious quote:

dubious screenshots

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Monthly Newsletter – March 2017 Edition

March 26, 2017, by , posted in Blog

WELCOME EVERYBODY!! Uni has resumed, and we have an exciting wave of fresh blood in the club to keep things upbeat and fun! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Matt, your communications and publicity officer for 2017 – so you’ll be hearing a lot from me over Facebook, Twitter and here in our monthly newsletters. So without further ado, let’s get the party started!

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A lot of fun things are happening in the world of gaming, not just Breath of the Wild. While I haven’t ordered it or anything it yet, I’m really excited to get my hands on a copy of NieR:Automata as soon as I can. I’ve never played the prequel or any of the related games, but the design and combat looks stunning and it sounds, based on this spoiler-heavy Kotaku article, to be an exemplar of the combo VN-RPG genre, where your actions heavily effect the plot but you also get to actually do things rather than just sit there and make text choices all day. Personally, at this stage, I pretty much only play VNs and RPGs so seeing a well-designed combination of the two is a real thrill for me! Has anyone played any of the related games and could give me an opinion on where my expectations should be~?

On a similar note, the ever-expanding universe of Puella Magi Madoka Magica is coming to mobile sometime this spring, in the form of mobile game Magia Record. We don’t know a whole lot so far – there have only been three PVs and some brief details posted on the official site. The first PV shows us the new protagonist, Tamaki Iroha, who wishes for a her sister’s cure in exchange for her powers, and plays us 15 seconds worth of the opening tune. The second PV gives us 30 seconds of the song, along with details on the plot and designs of the other new magical girls who we assume will be playable – although as of yet, only one has been named, in the third PV. Nachiyo Nanami shares her voice with another blue-haired magical girl, namely Aqua from Konosuba, but it seems like this role will be a lot more melancholy. Casting aside, I’m excited to see more of the Madoka universe, even if it never makes it into English (I swear I will learn Japanese properly one day). Anyone planning on play this?

We’ve had a pretty packed event schedule to help welcome you guys in but we’ve calmed down a little bit now :) – that said, we’re not gonna let you get bored! A reminder – we’re going to see Koe no Katachi together on April 7 at 6:15! We’ve bought some discounted tickets through the club, but we’ve had to close that off to guarantee to deal, so if you want to join you will sadly have to fund your own way :( but you’re more than welcome to come!

Keep in touch for more details about our weeklies (we presently don’t have details either thanks to a little bit of bureaucracy holding things up), and save the date for these bigger events!

Episode 4: Ramen Night!

WHEN: Friday, April 14
WHERE: Theatre Lounge (near the Tower Food Court)
WHAT: This spin on Archer’s incantation from Fate/stay night really says it all: I am the noodle of my bowl, toppings are my body and broth is my blood. I have created over a thousand dishes. Unknown to death, nor known to spice. I have withstood pain to evenly break many disposable chopsticks. Yet, these hands will never hold anything. And so I pray, Unlimited Ramen Works! (featuring tea since we’re boiling the bloody kettle anyway)
FB Event: link.

[AnimeSydney] Orientation Party

WHEN: Friday 21st April, 6pm-late
WHERE: UTS Underground
WHAT: What, we’re not the only university with an anime club? Come along and meet our comrades from other societies at USyd, UNSW and Macquarie Uni at our AnimeSydney Orientation Party! There’ll be a bar tab (considerable in size), along with live performances from our band, an anime trivia competition (with prizes), and even more undisclosed fun~

Unfortunately we do have to ticket this event to cover venue hire, so it’s $15 to attend. But it’s great fun I promise!

Check out the FB EVENT!

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I’ve run out of more creative ideas for a month, so I’m gonna write you guys a sample of the anime/manga/fanwork recs we’re seeking out from you guys to feature here! If there’s something that you feel is just way underrated, write us a short review and we’ll feature it here! You’ll find friends with similar taste and hopefully one or two new people will pick it up!

Featured anime: Scrapped Princess, 2003 (Bones)

Adapted from a short and unsuccessful series of light novels, Scrapped Princess is, in my opinion, something of an unsung masterpiece. Pacifica Cassull, the titular “Scrapped Princess” is foretold by an oracle to bring about the end of the world on her 16th birthday, so she’s thrown off a cliff as a baby – but, of course, she survives by happy accident, and is raised in a poor farming family. Protected by the brother Shannon, a skilled swordsman, and sister Raquel, a master magician, she survives assassination attempts to learn the truth of the Scrapped Princess myth – and finds herself embroiled in a mess much bigger than what anyone ever imagined. The series is simultaneously ingeniously broad and achingly personal, building a fascinating science-fantasy world questioning the very fabric of reality but never forgetting to show the lives and feelings of the people in it. A solid 9/10, would recommend to anyone.

Featured manga: No.6, Asano Atsuko and Kino Hinoki

The ultimate doujin-turned-professional manga, No.6 covers a broad range of issues unflinchingly. Shion, raised as genius in the utopian city of No.6, accidentally gets himself caught up with an escaped criminal who calls himself Nezumi. Questioning exactly how utopic No.6 is after he is punished for demonstrating compassion for Nezumi, Shion eventually finds himself forced to abandon the city altogether, and lives with Nezumi in the now-abandoned West Block. Confronting diverse issues like the validity of homosexual romance, separation of romance and sex, the value of the arts, human’s self-destructive relationship with the environment and the exploitative nature of luxury, No.6 is deeply compelling on both a personal and political level, holding its own on the stage with other major works of fiction with strong ideologies. An absolute masterwork on many levels – 10/10.

Featured fan work: Grief Syndrome, Twilight Frontier

An odd addition to this list, Grief Syndrome is a fan-made game based on the original Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime. It’s a side-scrolling fighter that, essentially, plays you through the labyrinths of the major witches, fighting off room after room of their familiars before taking them on as a boss. The game incorporates elements from the show very cleverly – rather than a health bar, each character has a certain “soul limit”, and they die when that is depleted. It depletes slowly throughout play, rapidly when recovering from injuries, and is cut by a certain percentage when health hits 0. Each character’s maximum soul limit and recovery spending is different, based on the extra information in the series, like their magic potential and recovery ability. The combat system is simple to learn but difficult to master, since all 5 girls have wildly varying movesets that require different strategies. The end result is almost limitless hours of mindless fun, since you can up the difficulty almost limitlessly. And to cap it off, you have multiplayer support! Nothing’s quite the same kind of fun as having Homura stop time and then have her, Madoka and Mami literally fill the screen with bullets and arrows. What it lacks in story, it makes up in simplicity – a good 8/10.

Submit your own short reviews to be featured here in next month’s newsletter! Find me on Facebook or email your entries to :)

Fingers crossed for a year of non-stop fun!

Fudanshi extraordinaire,


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Monthly Newsletter – February 2017 Edition

February 18, 2017, by , posted in Blog

Well, here we are. Uni is about to go back and we’re all still used to bingeing until 3am and sleeping till noon. Are we screwed? Definitely! But here’s your monthly dose of weeb news to try and ease the transition a little bit.

First of all, an exciting bit of sponsor news! Many of you would know that Madman has been a wonderful sponsor to us for the past 5 years – giving us free tickets to movies and other cool things, like a 15% discount on monthly orders made through AnimeSydney. The only issue has been that, in that 5 years, we have never once placed a monthly order through AnimeSydney. But that’s about to change! We have an order system for you guys ready to roll out soon – give us a week or two to iron out the last kinks and you can be getting discount anime and manga by the end of March. Details are coming soon~

News and Events Banner

There have been a lot of interesting interviews going about on Twitter recently – mostly about some Gainax high-ups and conversations that have been had involving renewing some popular anime. Long story short, there’s a lot of projects in the works and there’s a bit of red tape in regards to rights and ownership (not that anyone cares) but it seems like, in addition to FLCL seasons 2 and 3, we might be seeing more of Panty and Stocking down the line, which is something I find exciting. Does this sound as good to everyone else?

Speaking of Panty and Stocking, which received considerable critical acclaim for its dub, another big comedy has gotten dubbed recently: Gintama. Of course, this brought forth fan backlash about how it’s “too Japanese to translate” – the question then of course being, how did the subs do it? This report takes an interesting angle at many of the complaints levelled against dubs. Realistically, a lot of us are just scarred by 4Kids, so we’re reluctant to trust a dub again – but the biggest thing for me is that the dub voice actors are just so vastly inferior to the Japanese ones on average it’s not worth chancing it. But then, of course, we do have our famous “jelly donuts” and more subtle things like the Gamergate reference in the Prison School dub, so I guess it just becomes a question of how much work the dubbers are willing to put into the script. Does anyone else have impassioned opinions on this?

Madman will debuting the new Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale movie at MadFest Perth next weekend, ahead of a cinematic release on the 9th of March. So far, the fan response from the US seems to be going pretty well, with an 8.6 average rating on MAL. This brings it about equal to series like Natsume Yuujinchou, Madoka and AnoHana, as well as equal to some of the Gintama movies and Ghost in the Shell. Will it live up to this rating? That remains to be seen, but frankly, given my opinion of SAO in the past, I can’t imagine that anything to come out this will be better than the opening theme: Catch the Moment by LiSA.

A bigger question in my mind is another recently announced anime movie release. For some reason, it’s Bungou Stray Dogs. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually quite like the series. I think the concept is pretty fresh and the atmosphere is really interesting but just… a movie? Why? It’ll either be too short or too long and the focus will be all over the shop. When there are other series that Bones could have chosen, like Boku no Hero Academia, Noragami or even an older property like Scrapped Princess that would benefit so much more from movies than Bungou will I just find myself scratching my head. That said, I’m still gonna be watching it so maybe I’m the fool here. Has anyone else here had an experience like this? Please tell me I’m not alone.

More importantly, here’s our orientation event calendar so far:

PV: O’DAY 2017

WHEN: Thusday 2nd March, 9am-4pm
WHAT: In order to have access to our events for this year, as well as all our amazing sponsor offers, you’ll have to sign up for membership – and there’s no better time than O’Day! Come and sign up and you’ll even receive a free goody bag* complete with sponsor materials. And, just quietly, there may be a few extra special prizes hiding in there for some lucky people… I guess you’ll just have to come sign up to find out! We’ll also have free food and board games running in a separate room so you can relax rather than keep fighting the crowds.

(*while stocks last. Sorry.)

Check out the FB EVENT!

Episode 1: Orientation Barbeque!

WHEN: Saturday 4th March, 12pm-6pm
WHERE: UTS Concourse
WHAT: What better opportunity to meet all the other new members than the weekend right after O’Day! Make some good friends before uni starts for real at our Orientation Barbeque! There will be a barbeque, obviously, as well as tabletop games and puzzles and some team-building events (which may or may not have prizes attached for the most successful teams~)

Check out the FB EVENT!

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You guys know I’m dedicated to bringing y’all quality content that is no way biased by my own tastes. Well, this week, we’re going with a fun trend that’s evolved out of the Miku Miku Dance community – Pokemon dance covers. Unfortunately they’re hosted almost uniquely on Nico Nico, meaning you’ll need to make an account to see the full video (or link in your Facebook/Google+ like my dorky self has done). I’ve given you little snapshots here, but trust me, the full thing is so worth it. With gold like the following, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

Aggron and Tyranitar (sometimes Mega Evolved) cover Dee” (“Ai Dee”) by MitchieM 

They are ~so~ working this.


Regigas and the Three Golems cover “ポーカーフェイス” (“Poker Face”) by Yucha-P

Arceus must be so proud of its creation.


And, my personal favourite, Psyduck covers Lamb by GARNiDELiA. Little thing doesn’t even have legs but that doesn’t stop it from trying.


Do you wanna be featured in our next omake section? Make a recommendation for an anime, manga or any kind of fan content, along with a 100-or-so word explanation of why you think other people should watch it. And voila!


We’re excited to see you all back for another year!

Fudanshi extraordinaire,