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EP 08 - Animajong
Thursday, 20th July, 11am – 3pm
Location: City Heroes

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Winter Break
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We may not be a terribly big club, but we’re an active one! If you’re looking for information as to our next event, you’ll find it right here. Scroll back to see what events we’ve also had in the past!


Halloween Hunt~ [with JASS & DC]

October 29, 2016, by , posted in Events

BOO! Now that we have your attention, come to the joint Halloween extravaganza with our friends at anime@UTS and DC~
We’ll be starting our super spooky scavenger hunt at 4pm – come for a heart-racing rush around the city as you’re led through a cult initiation. Collect the stamps to compete for prizes!
Following that, come back to cult headquarters (better known as CB07.02.025) for finger food and some monstrous movies*
Cost is $5 for a night of fun, frights and friends
*full list TBA

WHEN: Friday 18th November, 4pm-10pm
WHERE: CB07.02.025
COST: $5
FB: link

Anime Sydney Xmas Party 2016

AnimeSydney Christmas Party 2016 ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ!!

October 15, 2016, by , posted in Events

Ho ho ho~ Christmas has arrived once again, and once again we invite you to our Christmas Party!! It’ll at the Underground, the UTS campus bar, on the 2nd December at 6pm. It’s an open event, for all ages, and members and non-members alike, so please feel free to invite all your friends and that strange second cousin twice removed that you met that one time.

There’ll be lots of games and activities to keep you busy – here’s just a quick breakdown of what we’ll have going on:

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Chill and Games

Games & Chill

June 17, 2016, by , posted in Events

Hey Guys!!!
I know we are all trying to find last minute motivation to study for our exams so here it is! Games & Chill day!

Holidays can be pretty boring so come and relax and chill on the 11th July in CB06.04.37 from 10am-6pm. We’ll have usual fun and games stuffs to play around with (I will finish the One Piece puzzle muhauha), we’ll show some anime or play music etc., bring your DS, bring some snacks, bring extra games if you want. Ultra chill. Ultra fun. Anyone keen can join for dinner and karaoke afterwards \(-_- )/

When: 11th July
Where: CB06.04.37
Time: 10am-6pm
Why: boredom.
FB: link.


End of Semester Dinner! :D

May 21, 2016, by , posted in Events

Hey friends :) it’s that time of the year again!

Its finally nearing the busy end of the semester, so why not have some time out from studying and forget about your worries with some delicious KBBQ and drinks (For a while at least). We’ll be going straight to the restaurant after Game and Funs to Dae Jang Kum on the 10th of June at 6PM. If you’re going to meet us there, we will arrive around 6:30PM.

Dinner will cost around $15 per person depending on how much you eat, not including alcohol.

If you are keen to come and have a break and celebrate the end of the semester with us, make sure to RSVP by the 3rd of June because that’s when we are giving numbers to the restaurant, so hit that going button!!! :D:D:D:D

FB Link: here.

anime@JASS Trivia


May 18, 2016, by , posted in Events

Do you know the exact population of Japan? Or how many times Naruto has shouted Sasuke’s name and been ignored? (Hint: very similar number) No? Well start studying because it’s TRIVIA TIME!

It’s the time of year where you can prove just how knowledgeable you are with our Trivia Night! This year JASS and anime@UTS have teamed up to bring you this event so be prepared for a challenging set of questions (×_×)

Join us at 6pm on the 7th of June in UTS Underground for and you can win some epic prizes! Tickets cost $15 for a single ticket, or if you register as a group of 4 it costs $50. Ticket price includes entry, some snacks and a couple of drinks.

There is limited space so make sure you get your tickets fast!
To get your tickets fill out this form here:

When: 7th June 6pm
Where: UTS Underground
Cost: $15 (single) $50 (group of 4)
Why: To prove your worth. And fun.
FB Link: here