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All your administration mumbo jumbo here. AGM/SGM info, club structure updates, website stuff… etc.

Anime@UTS Facebook Posting Rules

July 24, 2012, by , posted in Admin, News

To better maintain our Facebook pages, we have developed a set of rules outlining how members can post. They are as follows:

The following rules apply to both the Facebook Anime@UTS Page and Group.

No offensive posts or links, keep them safe for work.

No flame wars or harmful trolling.

No posting of links to anime streams, manga readers, scanlations, or places where you can download or torrent either.

No posts advertising the sharing of anime or manga.

Do not post images (screenshots) of your HDD contents or list what files you possess.

Do not spam comments or hi-jack posts. Official posts are meant mainly for questions and responses. Move conversations not pertaining to the original post to personal walls or Facebook Chat.

Do not invite the Anime@UTS group to events which are not official club events.

Only Anime@UTS admins/execs are permitted to create events via the group page. If members wish to advertise events through the group they must be approved by an exec.

-Anime@UTS Execs may remove posts deemed to breach rules, but not without giving notice to the original poster via direct message.

-If a person continually posts offensive posts/comments after being warned not to do so, they may be banned from the group.

-If anyone has any questions or problems, please contact Alex (President), Syksy (Vice President), or Heza (Secretary).

SGM Results

April 15, 2012, by , posted in Admin, News

We did get things accomplished at this SGM, finally filling the gaps in the Anime@UTS executive team.

Taking over the secretarial duties from Linda Tinyow, it is my pleasure to announce that our new secretary is none other than Heza Hau!

Congratulations Heza -clap clap-

Everyone at Anime@UTS would like to thank Linda for her service as secretary for the club.

We wish you all the best in your new position Heza.


, by , posted in Admin, News

Hi all!

Just a quick reminder that there are no weekly events occurring for the next 2 weeks!

Anime@UTS and O-Day

February 19, 2012, by , posted in Admin, Events, News

The holidays are drawing to an end and uni looms only a week away – but fear not! People speak of a place that can eliminate the boredom and fear that consumes you…

And they called it

We want YOU – in Anime@UTS

O-Day is the best place to see and join the much talked about anime club known as Anime@UTS. Come and see what the fuss is all about, ask us questions, and see us in our element – the stall. So bring friends, drag them for the sake of great justice, tell them about the free stuff we are offering, and how the club can change their lives… or at least give them something awesome to do.

Details, Details, Details

-Location: UTS Building 1, Level 4 (next to the escalators and beside EGG)
-Time: 9am start
-Free Stuff?: Yes, only if you join ;p

Join Us on FB and Twitter


-Our Fan page – – Like it!
-Our Group – – Join it! (important to know about events)



~Welcome to Anime@UTS~ ^o^/

December 13, 2011, by , posted in Admin, News
This could be you! Get animated!

So I hear people watch this thing called anime and read things called manga… Well… so do we!

Just in case you cannot see our name because of the awesomeness of our banners or epic post title – We are Anime@UTS – the best source of anime at UTS (kekekekeke) But really, we are a UTS society dedicated to displaying and celebrating all (if not most) things found in Asian pop culture – with a particular focus on Japan and anime. To us it is a way of life~

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