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All your administration mumbo jumbo here. AGM/SGM info, club structure updates, website stuff… etc.

AGM 2014 Results

October 16, 2014, by , posted in Admin, News


On October 1st Anime@UTS held the 2014 AGM! Many of you attended and it was a day of elections, exhaustion, pizza and an ice cream cake success. Thank you all for sticking with us through those arduous five hours!

Please thank the 2013 exec team for running Anime@UTS!

2014 Execs Absent: Chloe Wong, Eun Hye Grace Yoon, Meig Bu, Photo taken by Chris Kuan

And now welcome your new rulers for 2014!

2015 Execs

President: Baek (welcome back glorious overlord)
Vice President: Ravi
Treasurer: Jonazs P
Secretary: Selena L
Events: Cindy
Co-Events: Lester
Publicity Officer: Jonathan T
Screenings Director: Frank E
Communications Officer: Vivian C
Club Relations: Daniel W
Art Director: Danica C
Art Director: Benjamin C
Merchandise Director: Jeffrey C
Photographer: Venh H
Webmaster: Vadim B

If you didn’t attend or simply want to relieve all those precious memories, here’s a log of the live tweet commentary that Andrew.C of AnimeSydney typed up for us on the day!

More photos available on out Flickr


Going green

October 14, 2014, by , posted in Admin

Good news everyone! I have developed a ecologically friendly website for you to use. Flat design is all the rage these days, and as an anime fans we really do like flatness, so I decided to implement all the current practices of good design in this new theme I call: Anime Valley.

Whats different? Well for one we have a new section – Gaming. There you can find links to our group on steam and info on how to find our chat room in LoL. Then the about page has been updated with mini cards of each exec. The sponsors page is up to date with information about our partnerships and the offers you are able to get from each. The omake section has been updated with all the art of the past year or so; go check it out, its pretty.

Finally one of the biggest changes is the emphasis on history. The previous webmaster Ruby has done an amazing job on fixing up the database and making sure all the posts from back in 2010 are still accessible. To further continue the idea of having a place to store memories of the club, I have revived the anime@uts Flickr account! It has photos of all the recent events, all the way back to 2010, and I will continue to hunt down the photographers of earlier generations and ask them to donate the photos to our club history book.

So please enjoy the new website and visit our Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, & YouTube by clicking on the respective links on the top of the navigation bar.

– Your new webmaster: JamieJakov

AGM 2013 Results

October 7, 2013, by , posted in Admin, News

After our AGM on Saturday was filled with both laughter and heavy debating, we must at last bid farewell to the 2012-2013 Anime@UTS Executive Team and send our congratulations to the new executive team for 2013-2014. Thank you, outgoing executives, for your contributions to run this club for the past year!

Special thanks go to outgoing executives Alex and Clara who have each given 4 years of contributions to Anime@UTS. We all wish you the best in the future!

Anime@UTS Executive Team for 2012-2013

We now welcome to members of the 2013-2014 Executive Team:

Anime@UTS Executive Team for 2013-2014

Vice President:
Art Director:
Art Assistant
General Relations:

It’s the end of an era and the beginning of another! Will this turn into a Korean Club? Time will tell.

[Photos taken by Chris Kuan!]

Don’t spill the paint!

February 8, 2013, by , posted in Admin, News

Lots and Lots of Boxes!

If you’ll kindly step over those paint cans and sawdust… noooooo, don’t knock them over!!!!

Over the coming days, you’ll probably see some errors as we change the website over to the new system. After months of consulting with our members, we have a pretty good idea of the kinds of things you all want to see, as well as the information you’ve said was hard to find before. We hope all these things have been fixed, and made more awesome!

Markup has been repaired, databases backed up, fresh installs started, frankly all these paint fumes are making us dizzy. Yet excited. Dizzy and excited! At the same time, we’ve painstakingly preserved all the previous material (and even imported some older stuff!) so current and future generations of members can explore all that has made this club so unique and memorable for so many people over the years.

We have some exciting ideas in store for the site this year, which we’ll be gradually rolling out. In the meantime, stay tuned ^_^

~ Your humble webmaster, Ruby

AGM 2012 Results!

September 30, 2012, by , posted in Admin, News

We bid farewell to the 2011-2012 Anime@UTS  Executive Team

Thank you for contributing so much time and effort to run and care for this club!

Outgoing execs of 2011-2012

(Absent: J0kk, Soap)

Special thanks to David/Syksy for 5 years and Alan/Bubby for 6 years of contributions to Anime@UTS. We all wish you the best in the future!

The 2012-2013 Executive Team members are:

President: Alex/MeePo/Lexi
Vice President: Anthony/Anton/Annie
Secretary: Clara/Kiri
Treasurer: Roger/Rogiraffe
Events: Baek/Daniel
Screenings: Vadim
Art Director: Chloe
Photographers: Gina, Andie
Webmaster: Ruben
Internal Relations: David/Keo-chan

The reign of the white man continues!

Anime@UTS Executive Team of 2012-2013

We wish you all the best of luck!