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All your administration mumbo jumbo here. AGM/SGM info, club structure updates, website stuff… etc.

AGM 2017

October 8, 2017, by , posted in Admin, News


Thank you outgoing execs for helping make anime great again! And since a lot of you are staying, lets continue making anime great!



Special Episode: SGM

April 24, 2017, by , posted in Admin, Events

Hey Guys and Girls!
anime@UTS is happy to announce our 2017 Special General Meeting (SGM) is around the corner! We’re looking for proactive and driven candidates who want to take part in having a direct influence on what goes on with the club and we encourage anyone who is interested to fill the expression of interest form below. The SGM is a great opportunity to get yourself involved on a team with mutual interests, discussing and working towards a passion for Anime.

1X Events Co-Director
2X Art Directors
2X General Execs

To be eligible for any of these positions you need to be a member of anime@UTS (you cannot join on the day)
Expression of interest form:


When: May 20th 2017 (to be confirmed)
Time: 12PM – 4PM

Where: TBA
Free Food: Maybe ;)
FB: link
Agenda: TBA

AGM 2016 Results: Your New Team!

September 25, 2016, by , posted in Admin, News


A huge thanks to all of you who made it to our AGM this week, and an even bigger thanks to our leaving exec team in the above picture for a great year! Of course, we now have a not-so-all-new team of execs to #makeanimegreatagain in 2017 :P

newexecs2016-2 So, here’s the team!

Fingers crossed for our best year yet! Starting right now: the Japanese Film Festival is coming up, and they’re holding a big cosplay day to get everyone in the spirit of things. If this has captured your interest, get involved! You can find more information here.

See you soon!


The biggest changes you will never see

December 13, 2015, by , posted in Admin

Good day members of anime@UTS, your webmaster here with a round of exciting news about the website. Let me tell you all about what has been happening under the hood and what this means for you. There are 4 grand changes: new domain register, new server hosing, new mailing list, and new email structure. Now lets get into the details.
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2015 AGM and New Execs!

October 2, 2015, by , posted in Admin, News


Hey everyone, thanks to all those who came to the AGM! A big thanks to our outgoing execs! (picture above)

And now we officially now have our new team of execs, including myself :D


Here is a list of our new execs:


We have a range of old and new faces in the team, but I assure you we will all work hard to continue the honour of our forefathers!

– Yukari AKA yukarin